Reasons I Think Tales of Graces F Should be Released on Wii

1. Less mainstream competition. Most other RPGs are not from well known long running series or spin offs.

2. Less normal RPG competition. Not many traditional RPGs out there on Wii. Most are hybrids.

3. Wii RPG Boon. Lots of Wii RPGs are coming could easily ride that wave. Buy the game alongside other RPGs.

4. Nintendo wants better third party support. Pester them to help out. Teamed up with them before with SolatoRobo.

5. Wii owners desperate for the next great game. We want more and more great games not budget stuff.

6. Namco won’t be seen as horrible teasers. Teasing Wii owners all that time about ToG for what?

7. Wii owners more accepting of stylised graphics. We are used to it and some of us even like stylised graphics.

8. Original game was Wii only. A lot of Wii owners were expecting Graces on Wii not PS3.

9. No experience is not best experience. How can say that you are giving us best experience when some only own Wii.

10. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World did just as well as Vesperia. Symphonia2 is a spin off sequel and considered lesser by many yet did just as well. Or near enough as well.



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