Review – Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier is a part of the anime series Macross. The main features of the series is songs, romance and mechas. This story focus is on two girls, one an already famous idol Sheryl and Ranka who desires to be follow in Sheryl’s footsteps and their relationship with Alto who has just joined a team of mercenaries for hire. The series involves a lot of singing and mecha fights. The main threat of this series the Vajra are the equivalent of giant space bugs which may not be to everyone’s preference. Plenty of drama, action and signing to enjoy.

The Bad

The anime suffers from something that is very typical of shorter series. The series attempts to correct a two season anime the length of one season. A lot of things are left unexplained or not fully explained leaving the viewer wondering. The characters also suffer from sudden change. Ranka’s rise to fame is more like an instant success then the supposed difficult climb uphill she had to take. There are other character’s and changes that suffer from instant change effect as well but going into that would be spoilers. It’s very hard to understand why some characters did certain actions when in a span of a couple of episodes there is this sudden change. The other bad thing about the anime is that it’s Japanese voices only.

The OK

The first part of the series is quite slow paced and spread out. As a result mecha action isn’t used as much in the earlier episodes. Not a problem if your not a huge mecha fan and it does pick up later on. To be warned there are also a good few fan service scenes specially relating to Sheryl and some of her on stage costumes. Some can be a bit uncomfortable to watch as a result but doesn’t really take away the fun of the anime. With both girls being so different you may find yourself not liking one of the main girls. As a result the first half or later half may not be as enjoyable. Both are great characters in their own right but they do appeal to vastly different people although it is entirely possible to like both.

The Good

The concert scenes are fantastic. Watching the girls sing and dance for whatever reason is hugely enjoyable. There is a wide range of songs so your not going to be stuck listening to the same three songs repeated in every episode. Although there are still key songs in the anime which are reused with slight differences. The mecha action is fun to watch when coupled with the concert scenes. How the songs and the battle play into each other is very nice and I also like how the songs are important storyline wise. There are plenty of comedy scenes and drama as well.

To Watch?

If you can hear fine and  enjoy Japanese music then this is a great series. It’s a little harder suggest this if your a die hard mecha fan. The series is worth giving a go if you like romance and maybe Magical Girl genre as well. The only people that should avoid this are people who hate Japanese music. You can’t watch this without the music as that would be missing 1/2 the anime. It is a well balanced series and a fun one to watch if you can.


Rising Star Games Art Card RPG Idea

This is a work in progress.


The idea of the game is to marry/befriend your opponent or NPC cards thus add them to your household. The winner is whoever ends up with biggest household and profit at the end. Can be played as an RPG or more of a card game style.

What is Needed

1. RSG Art Cards – Needed to be sorted into two piles

2. 6 Sided Dice – Can have more sides if needed for more players

4. Score Sheet – Sheet to keep record of progress of players/character. Best write any numbers in pencil.

Example of one including extended rules:

Name: (can be your own, character on card or made up) Number: (only for 2+ players – 6 sided dice will a number between 1 and 6)

House: (Level of house)


Liked Gifts:    Hated Gifts: (used if you intend on using actual food/drink for the game)

Animals: (Name of Animal and heart score)


LP: (Name of opponents and how much LP has been won with that character)

FP: (Name of opponents and how much FP has been won with that character)

5. Counters – Can use score sheet or one colour for LP and another for FP

6. Gifts – can be imaginary or you can use food/drinks (the player would have to eat/drink the gift of course)

7. Animals – can be written or use models/plushes

Game Set-up

1. Sort the cards into two piles: Character Arts Cards  and Event Art Cards

2. Select your character from Character Arts Card pile.

3. The Score sheet needs to be filled in for each perosn playing. Character Arts Cards with no players don’t need to have one filled in. Just note of chosen number. Each player can start with 1 animal.

The Game

Each game consists of three or four turns per a day. Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night.

The dice is important as it decides what take place during the game. Even umbers: 2, 4, 6 | Odd Numbers: 1, 3, 5

Start of Round

Player 1 rolls dice.

Odd Number = Character Encounter

If there are other players roll dice again. If you get your own number or one that hasn’t been allocated to character card reroll dice until you get different number.

Roll dice to decide outcome of encounter

Even Number: + FP/LP with the encountered character art card

If you get max amount of LP/FP they join household. You can only have 1 character max LP join your house.

Odd Number: – FP/LP with the encountered character art card

If using food/drink the opponent must eat/drink based on what they put they hate/like

Even Number = Event

Pick event card. If card has animal on card can add another animal to score sheet or add FP to one already owned

Otherwise roll dice.

Even Number: + Money

Odd Number: – Money

Mini amount is 0.

Repeat. End of 3 or 4 turns money is added based on number of animals owned and FP with animals and house level.

The dice is rolled by any player to decide season change.

Even Number: Stays Same

Odd Number: – Changes to next season (crops die)

After that players can use deduct money to increase animal FP, house level or buy corps.

This repeats until someone has either gotten everyone to live in their house or players wish to retire. If player retire they can add up total point including total FP and LP, money house level, animals and crops. The one with highest score wins.

Money is increased in 100s. FP and LP only increased by 1s.

Review – Monster Hunter Tri

When I first started playing Monster Hunter Tri I mostly played offline. Maybe that was my mistake. Try as I might it was pain to hunt monsters and get the rare drops needed for armour and weapons. However after a break I recently got back into the game through it’s online mode. I have been spending afternoons hunting huge monsters in company of random three other hunters from all over Europe. I decided to this review as the game is fresh in my memory and I feel I needed to get these thoughts out.

The Bad

For starters most of the quests are for killing huge monsters. All huge monsters are like bosses and can take 15 min – 45 min to defeat. When you first try them it cna be very daunting prospect. With no idea of movements or it’s weakness and with no obvious weak points your left to hack and slash at a huge monster in hopes your doing a decent amount of damage to it. This doesn’t sound too bad but with only a limited amount of potions and inventory space available as wel las fees to accept the quest hunting can be very expensive. It’s very easy to get into a downward spiral. Losing money on failed hunts along with potions leaving you with the feeling of hopelessness. To make matters worse the only way to improve is by getting better equipment often requiring you to defeat even more powerful monsters and hoping you get a rare drop. In single player this can be a cruel experience and a very off putting one.

The OK

When you think character creation all thoughts of what you want your character to look like comes to mind. In this game the choices are very limited so it’s hard to make a character that stands out. Thankfully most armour sets mean it doesn’t really make a difference. Most characters end up looking the same because of the armour being so covering. It’s only if you experiment with armor set mixing and signal colour does the character begin to stand out. As a rule I tend to avoid armor that hides my character’s hair.

The Good

The most fun is when you actually get into a god hunt with a group your happy with. Working together to bring down huge monsters in fantastic scenery. The joy of breaking the monsters armour and seeing it weakening just before the capture. I prefer capture to kill as it’s much more difficult knowing when to capture then just slashing away all the time. Fighting the large monsters is a lot of fun. Watching the monster stampede around and trying your best to avoid being hit is entertaining in some strange way. It’s that near death feeling you get as a monster charges at you. Needless to say I really like sword and shield combination. Gets me close to the action and nothing beats seeing huge sea monster charge straight at you. Of course it helps that I find a lot of the monsters to be quite cute in their own way.

To Buy?

If you find yourself with 1 hour or so free time and want to battle huge bosses you can’t go wrong with this game. If your after something that involves less fighting monsters and more puzzle solving and exploring best to avoid. There isn’t much beyond the fight huge monster.