Random Thoughts on Macross Frontier’s Love Triangle

Probably more random thoughts on the fan base then the actual triangle itself. Fans love their favourite girl to end with the guy when it comes to triangle relationships. I can’t help but notice some of the reasoning as to why fans think Alto likes one girl more then another border on stupidity more then sense. A lot of the moments in the series could really be interpreted either way as a result a lot of fans tend to ignore all possibilities and pick what favours their favourite girl or pairing. Even if later this is made clear not to be the case people hold onto any sort of hope of this not being the case. It’s interesting as even small minor events are shred to pieces in order to provide evidence on who Alto will pick. Maybe this is our desire to seek out our desired happy ending. If that pairing makes it I can have that too type of desire we get from watching the series. However is that pairing really guaranteed to end happy? Even if choice pairing ends up being the right one does it mean both will live happily ever after? Will they always be happy? These are questions few ask as they compete for their favourite paring to be the one. Even if Alto picked one girl would he be able to live a happy life he wants or would he be torn between the chosen girl and his interests. Does the chosen girl have to be chosen by Alto? Maybe they should decide themselves if they really love Alto or if those feelings are soemthing else. For once it would be nice to end a triangle like this by having the girls decide they don’t need the guy or one of the girls go off to find their own happiness without the need of the guy being in it. The girl decides at one time she really needed Alto but now she no longer needs him to be near. She wants to be free and choose her own path and find her own happiness whether he is there or not. I would have great respect for the girl that does that. I really doubt such an ending will ever occur in any triangle relationship in animes and mangas.