Review – Macross Frontier Movies

Macross Frontier movies are part retelling and part alternate version of the series. There are two movies in total called False Songstress and Goodbye Wings. As aspected it follows pretty much the same description of the series. Other then 2nd movie which is alternate events to second half of the series.

The Bad

The most obvious bad thing is that during battles the focus is on Alto as opposed to the whole battle.  While not a very bad thing in the first movie it is in the second movie specially during the final battle where there are hints of larger battle. The other bad thing is the fan service has increased from the series. Sheryl’s concert scenes I find really uncomfortable to watch now because of the fan service.  In fact you could argue that whole two movies is just one huge fan service for fans of the series. The movies also suffer frfm not really trying to explain what happens in the series but bypass those plotholes and create their own. Also 2nd movie is predictable. I watched the trailer for second movie and pretty much guessed the plot which is really disappointing.

The OK

Everything is done over the top which can be off putting. The concert scenes themselves are much bigger and fantastic affairs. When it comes to shocking events they pick the most over the top possibilities as opposed to soemthing more milder. If your a Ranka fan or fan of her music might be disappointed by lack of the over the top concert scenes and full length songs. If your a Sheryl fan or fan of her music might be disappointed by second movie as she gets mostly duets with Ranka.

The Good

The fighting scenes while being heavily focused on Alto and the concert scenes are fantastic. In particular like the one full concert scene in the second movie. They are enjoyable to watch and I think would they would look great in a cinema environment.

To Watch?

If your a huge fan of the series and want an answer the triangle then yes. I prefer the series though.e