Short Tsubasa Chronicles anime and manga review

To put it short… The story is about Syaoran and his adventures traveling through dimensions in order to collect feathers for his love interest Sakura. He is accompanied by grumpy mentor ninja Kurogane, the mysterious and happy go lucky wizard Fai D. Flowright and strange creature called Mokona. Won’t really go too much into that as that would spoil it. There are plot twists later on that could confuse.


Tons of really nice looking artwork

Plot does deepen as the story progresses


Not for people with bad memory

Has potential room for a sequel

To Buy?

If your looking for a series that isn’t straight forward and soemthing more on the pretty side of artwork this is great. If you have bad memory or read manga chapter a month you may find this is very confusing.

Anime version

There are two seasons of the anime adaptation and a movie.


Much more child friendly

Some extra explanation

Really nice music and animation


Too many this is what happened just before

Dubbed voices are far too quiet

Differs form the manga story a lot in 2nd season

It is open ended

To Buy?

Hard to say. The series is nice but it’s nowhere near as good as the manga. If your a fan of the manga your better getting the OVAs which are direct adaptations of the manga although incomplete. Personally I want to see the series remade to be more direct adaptation of the manga.


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