Ranka Lee’s Birthday

I tried but I couldn’t get a decent picture of all my Ranka figures. Have a look at my best attempts.


My top 5 things I like about Ranka

5. *kira* and *Open Ranka*. Must be seen in action to fully understand.

4. Idol Outfits. Just a shame many aren’t fully used.

3. Concert Scenes. I really think Ranka concerts just aren’t shown for long enough time. They are just such fun to watch. I do enjoy mecha battles though.

2. Ranka’s Songs. Such a nice variety and enjoyable to listen.

1. Ranka’s hair. As a fan of humanoid animals otherwise known as furries I really can’t help but like Ranka’s hair.


More Macross F Figures

Macross F 1st Movie Chibis

These minis so far have been a lot of fun. I got set of 6. 3 Sheryl and 3 Ranka. Setting them up is pretty easy but have to be careful of small accessories that come with the Ranka ones. You can swap heads over but this can be limiting as some heads require more space to fit on then others. There is only one Sheryl who you can fully remove her hat with. The others are stuck on or can be removed but leave huge hole on side of head. Ranka’s expressions are fun meanwhile Sheryl’s are just typical Sheryl ones. It’s a fun set of chibi figures as whole. Part of the fun is from owning more then one though.


Three Sheryl – http://3dporch.com/s6qs

Three Ranka – http://3dporch.com/2oyn

How Sheryl won  – http://3dporch.com/mz9z

Ranka’s Accessories – http://3dporch.com/rdtb

Sheryl as Ranka – http://3dporch.com/qv12

Ranka as Sheryl – http://3dporch.com/22b4

My Top Most Hated Macross F Outfits

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl has largest wardrobe selection of the cast. To be honest don’t like many of her outfits. Picking 5 was difficult. I kinda cheated for 5th one.

5. Pink, Pink, Pink….

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl has pink hair at times and I just don’t think that giving her pink outfits works with her hair all the time. It kinda blends all into one mesh making her looks like a giant pink blob. To be fair some of her pink outfits work. Meanwhile others blend as mentioned before or just clash with her hair.

4. White Bunny Sheryl

Universal Bunny

Black Bunny Sheryl is for fan service. Uncomfortable to look at but you know she is there to please her fans. White Bunny Sheryl is space marshmallow. I’m guessing they were after cute.

3. “No idea what to call it” Outfit

Macross Frontier

Maybe it is just that screenshot of it but it just looks like a clown outfit meshed with soemthing else. I suppose I could call it the lazy outfit.

2. Bikini Concert Outfit

Sheryl Nome

Most anime girls when transforming outfits the outfit becomes more fanciful and prettier. Sheryl does the opposite. Instead of her clothes transforming a much improved outfit it becomes a bikini outfit. It doesn’t help it looks a tad small for her.

1. Drummer Boy Sheryl

Sheryl Nome

I know some really like this outfit. All I can see is the worst outfit ever. It doesn’t do anything for her other then make her look like some drummer boy that doesn’t belong in a war zone. The outfit is nice bright and white making her a perfect target. Sheryl has a very err feminine figure that’s supposed to be all natural. No way can she hide her figure like this. It also really goes against her fragile needing someone type character. This outfit is for a character that leads others into battle and supports them. Sheryl is not that character. She is often the one needing support and help from others.

Other Characters

Ranka was a tough. Lack of selection and the fact I like most of her outfits made it really difficult to find 5. Decided to include others as well.

4. Advert Outfits

Macross Frontier

Ranka’s above outfit and her construction outfit I don’t like. They were meant to make fun of Ranka though as this is part where she is struggling to become an idol.

3. Crossdressing

Macross Frontier

Sometimes it works… Others it doesn’t… When it works can be uncomfortable and when it doesn’t work it’s funny and weird.

2. Brera Sterne

Macross Frontier

I find it hard to like his body suit. They could have put him into something better later on. Don’t think the gap in the middle helps at all. I’m sure seen picture where Sheryl wears his body suit and it looks better on her.

1. Queen Grace

Macross Frontier

Once the illusion is shattered we are left with a monster…

My Magical Girl Ranka Story Ideas

I was thinking pf doing a top most wanted to make into full anime but I ended up with coming up with ideas for Magical Girl Ranka series. So doing that instead. I have come up with the following ideas using various inspiration.

Idea 1 – Ranka is a poor girl who struggles everyday. The place she lives in is pretty miserable too. No one seems to have anything to be happy about. By chance one day she finds a magical key which that allows her to open up a person and enter their dream world. Their she transforms into a magical girl and transforms their nightmares into happy dreams thus the people become “cured” of their sorrows. Eventually Ranka enters her own dream world and encounters Magical Girl Ranka. The girl she believed she was transforming into turns out this is dream version of herself. The herself she dreams of becoming however because of an incident she became selfish and forget that so her dream self sent the key to reopen the caring self. Ranka remembers that and transforms into a fairy. A gateway opens to castle of dreams and fairy Ranka goes there to make sure everyone has happy dreams.

Idea 2 – Ranka is normal schoolgirl who is a fan of famous Idol Sheryl. By chance one day she encounters Sheryl alongside her manager Grace and is given a magical key that will help “unlock” Ranka’s dreams. Using the key Ranka is able to transform into a Magical Girl and she is able to sing beautiful music. She goes around using her magic and songs to save people with bit of help from Magical Girl Sheryl and Ranka’s love interest Alto. Ranka spends rest of her time at school with the two of them and mysterious Brera who had been appearing and warning MG Ranka and MG Sheryl of the danger they were in. Sheryl refused to listen and after awhile discovers her magic is killing her. Grace reveals that the magic is an experiment to control people through sound waves. She tested it out on several girls with promise of becoming famous idol and saving the world but all died shortly after becoming MGs. Ranka is unaffected by this. Grace controls Sheryl to make it appear in front of Ranka that Sheryl was going out with Alto and also increase pressure on Ranka as a rival idol. Brera steps in and rescues Sheryl from Grace’s control. However it is too late as Ranka despairs and transforms into “fallen” MG form. Alto fails to rescue her as she descends into darkness. The three go off to try and save Ranka and stop Grace from using Ranka as a weapon. Sheryl tries using her magic but Brera stops her confessing his love for her and desire to protect his long lost sister Ranka. Despite protests Sheryl instead gives her magic to Alto who manages to save Ranka by confessing his love for her. Grace is defeated by their magic and Sheryl is no longer going to die because she gave her magic away. Ranka and Alto leave taking with them all the information on experiments to prevent same thing happening again. Sheryl and Brera remain and fondly remember those two and hope one day they will all meet up again.

Idea 3 – Ranka sad, lonely and having lost the will to sing has closed herself off to everyone. It was then during her deepest moment of depression Magical Girl Ranka from another world visits Ranka. Ranka is transformed into a fairy and sent off to a magical kingdom through the mirror. In this world Magical Girl Ranka is seen as a savior and is heavily idolized. Not everything in this magical world is happy as it looks though as a horrid darkness has been creeping up around the world. MG Ranka disappears and the bridge to the castle where she lived has also vanished. It’s up to fairy Ranka to travel the world in search of MG Ranka so the darkness can be defeated. During her journey she discovers she herself can defeat the darkness as she is a Ranka as well. Fairy Ranka manages to open up gateway to castle where MG Ranka comes out and reveals that both Rankas are in fact the same Ranka. The darkness was Ranka’s sorrow. Both together defeat the darkness and the magical world returns to a happier place. Fairy Ranka heads off into the castle where she awakes at home. Thinking it was a dream she decides to try one more time anyway at becoming an idol. As she leaves the MG Ranka’s key can be seen in her bedroom.

Idea 4 – Ranka is a struggling singer who by chance encounters Alto and falls in love with him. Shortly after she hears of an event being held to honor top ranked idols. There is a competition in which the winning idol gets to perform in a flying exhibition with Alto being pilot of the plane idol will be in. Invites would be delivered to all idols who can participate in the event. Ranka waits and waits but no invite arrives. Sheryl her idol and best friend gloats over her invite and sets off to buy herself some fancy new idol clothes for event. All alone she starts to sing and someone over hears the song. He is surprised by how well she sings and wanting to spread her song of love her invites Ranka to event. However Ranka has no idol dress though and has no money to buy one. Her friend Nanase arrives and hears about her troubles and excited over Ranka going to the event makes her an outfit. Off Ranka goes to the event in which she sings off against others and ties with Sheryl. Sheryl and Ranka sing a duet with Alto as judge. Before he can pick Graces bursts in and grabs Alto. Grace complains none of her idols made it to the event. In comes really bad singers to back up Grace. Their horrid singing makes it hard for another to sing back. Grace says Sheryl should come back to her if she wants Alto. Sheryl refuses. Grace than asks Ranka to become her idol so she can be with Alto. Ranka thinks for a moment then tries to sing to counter the bad singing. It fails and Ranka blacks out. She wakes up to hear Alto has been kidnapped and Sheryl has gone after them. She begins to mope. It’s then her brother Brera hands over a magical key which transforms her into MG Ranka and gives magic qualities to her singing. Ranka sets off to find Alto and stop Grace. After much singing Ranka finally encounters Sheryl and the two sing off but during their sing off they are interrupted by Grace. Sheryl loses her voice and Ranka’s magic key breaks. Even without the key Ranka heads off into Grace’s lair to rescue Alto and restore Sheryl’s voice. Ranka is able to defeat Grace and her badly singing idols. It’s then Brera reveals the magic key wasn’t all that magical and Sheryl confesses she never lost her voice but wanted to see Alto and Ranka together. Alto takes Ranka for a ride in his plane and she sings her song of love for him as they set off back home.