Make it a Ranka Game

I often thought of how my favorite anime characters would fit into various video games. Always difficult for me to explain so it is better to show. Not a serious topic.

Galaxy Angel + Ranka = Galaxy Cinderella

You play as the Galaxy’s Cinderella Ranka Lee as she journeys across the galaxy to end a way with Vejera by singing and dancing. She is accompanied by a team of all male pilots (including Alto) who protect her. During the course of the game it’s very likely she will fall in love with one of those male pilots.

Spyro Skylanders + Ranka = Ranka’s Skylanders

The galaxy is under threat. Evil Grace is making everyone hate each other by forcing them to listen to rubbish songs with her team of “fake” chibi Sheryls. It’s up to you to use your team of “fake” chibi Rankas to sing and dance to victory so the galaxy learns of love and peace once more. Be sure to collect all the cute chibi Ranka figures that come to life when placed on the dance stage.

Project Mirai + Ranka = Project Ranka

A music game staring Ranka. Dress her up in all the outfits you have seen in the anime, movies and then some before setting her out to perform one of Ranka’s many songs. In story mode you follow her story to success. Includes multiple endings which includes a wedding ending among others. Also includes AR mode and concert creator.


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