My Top Most Hated Macross F Outfits

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl has largest wardrobe selection of the cast. To be honest don’t like many of her outfits. Picking 5 was difficult. I kinda cheated for 5th one.

5. Pink, Pink, Pink….

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl has pink hair at times and I just don’t think that giving her pink outfits works with her hair all the time. It kinda blends all into one mesh making her looks like a giant pink blob. To be fair some of her pink outfits work. Meanwhile others blend as mentioned before or just clash with her hair.

4. White Bunny Sheryl

Universal Bunny

Black Bunny Sheryl is for fan service. Uncomfortable to look at but you know she is there to please her fans. White Bunny Sheryl is space marshmallow. I’m guessing they were after cute.

3. “No idea what to call it” Outfit

Macross Frontier

Maybe it is just that screenshot of it but it just looks like a clown outfit meshed with soemthing else. I suppose I could call it the lazy outfit.

2. Bikini Concert Outfit

Sheryl Nome

Most anime girls when transforming outfits the outfit becomes more fanciful and prettier. Sheryl does the opposite. Instead of her clothes transforming a much improved outfit it becomes a bikini outfit. It doesn’t help it looks a tad small for her.

1. Drummer Boy Sheryl

Sheryl Nome

I know some really like this outfit. All I can see is the worst outfit ever. It doesn’t do anything for her other then make her look like some drummer boy that doesn’t belong in a war zone. The outfit is nice bright and white making her a perfect target. Sheryl has a very err feminine figure that’s supposed to be all natural. No way can she hide her figure like this. It also really goes against her fragile needing someone type character. This outfit is for a character that leads others into battle and supports them. Sheryl is not that character. She is often the one needing support and help from others.

Other Characters

Ranka was a tough. Lack of selection and the fact I like most of her outfits made it really difficult to find 5. Decided to include others as well.

4. Advert Outfits

Macross Frontier

Ranka’s above outfit and her construction outfit I don’t like. They were meant to make fun of Ranka though as this is part where she is struggling to become an idol.

3. Crossdressing

Macross Frontier

Sometimes it works… Others it doesn’t… When it works can be uncomfortable and when it doesn’t work it’s funny and weird.

2. Brera Sterne

Macross Frontier

I find it hard to like his body suit. They could have put him into something better later on. Don’t think the gap in the middle helps at all. I’m sure seen picture where Sheryl wears his body suit and it looks better on her.

1. Queen Grace

Macross Frontier

Once the illusion is shattered we are left with a monster…


3 thoughts on “My Top Most Hated Macross F Outfits

  1. Reki says:

    I didn’t like that Sheryl outfit either in SnT. But at least they finally went lazy on a Sheryl outfit and put effort into more Ranka outfits for once so that is good at least.

    • angelfox22 says:

      Don’t know why some people go on about how great that outfit is. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somewhat rushed design. SnT was supposed to be the movie which focused on Ranka. I think at that point she should have been wearing a first movie outfit. Which makes sense as the final battle song mix uses a lot of her first movie songs.

      • Reki says:

        It really does feel uninspired. I mean there’s not much unique about it, the same with her nurse outfit. The only thing in the movie that they did decently was her EoT outfit which I still think Ranka had a way better one that suited her perfectly.

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