More Macross F Figures

Macross F 1st Movie Chibis

These minis so far have been a lot of fun. I got set of 6. 3 Sheryl and 3 Ranka. Setting them up is pretty easy but have to be careful of small accessories that come with the Ranka ones. You can swap heads over but this can be limiting as some heads require more space to fit on then others. There is only one Sheryl who you can fully remove her hat with. The others are stuck on or can be removed but leave huge hole on side of head. Ranka’s expressions are fun meanwhile Sheryl’s are just typical Sheryl ones. It’s a fun set of chibi figures as whole. Part of the fun is from owning more then one though.


Three Sheryl –

Three Ranka –

How Sheryl won  –

Ranka’s Accessories –

Sheryl as Ranka –

Ranka as Sheryl –


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