Ranka Lee’s Birthday

I tried but I couldn’t get a decent picture of all my Ranka figures. Have a look at my best attempts.


My top 5 things I like about Ranka

5. *kira* and *Open Ranka*. Must be seen in action to fully understand.

4. Idol Outfits. Just a shame many aren’t fully used.

3. Concert Scenes. I really think Ranka concerts just aren’t shown for long enough time. They are just such fun to watch. I do enjoy mecha battles though.

2. Ranka’s Songs. Such a nice variety and enjoyable to listen.

1. Ranka’s hair. As a fan of humanoid animals otherwise known as furries I really can’t help but like Ranka’s hair.


3 thoughts on “Ranka Lee’s Birthday

  1. Reki says:

    nice collection! 😀 You have two the Ranka figures I want but won’t be buying due to my cutoff limit, the SQ Ranka and the one in the red dress. Is the SnT official book you got there any good? I considered buying it but since I can’t read it I wasn’t sure if it had enough pictures in it to justify buying it. Wasn’t sure what pictures were in it either since I haven’t seen any place show whats inside the cover.

    • angelfox22 says:

      Unfortunately my cut off limit is per a purchase. Think of stopping right now because ordered anime and some games over Summer. Unless a figure appears I really REALLY want probably won’t be buying any for a bit.

      As for the book there is a ton of written stuff. It is hard to know if purchasing it will be worthwhile if you can’t read it. It cheered me up seeing Ranka’s voice actress get two interviews because she does both singing and normal voice. It does show more screenshots then artwork. Includes screenshots of live concerts, 1st and 2nd movie but mostly 2nd movie. Some of the artwork also appeared in Ranka’s 2nd artbook. I really like intro to Ranka’s section. It does show designs of new outfits and concept of nijiiro kuma kuma concert. You can pretty much see how they done it but then seen a lot of similar stuff so… Anyway I will take some pictures of it and do a review post.

      • Reki says:

        If you take pictures do it of the outfits part and kuma kuma concert please! I think that is the only parts that I would really want the book for without knowing Japanese. 🙂

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