Later Ports: Love them or Hate them?

I feel like venting out my frustration regarding Later Ports. Seems to be an ongoing trend in games industry and felt need to share my thoughts on it.

If a game is in demand to be played on another console it wasn’t released on it makes sense to release on that? Well in a way yes but it doesn’t justify adding a ton of extras on top. By adding those extras in it’s insulting the people who brought the original game. There is often no way for them to access new content unless they buy the later port. The extra content also adds further insult to the game. It’s basically saying the game isn’t good enough and needs extras now. If people really wanted the game there should be no need to add extras on to it unless it is a remake.

Another side effect of later ports which isn’t nice is localizing. Those who brought a console in one country expecting the game to localize on that console it was initially released on only to be told it’s releasing on an entirely different console as an exclusive. While it won’t effect those that brought multiple consoles for those that can’t afford a ton of consoles it’s an off putting experience. Especially when company localizing the game heavily hints at possible multiplat release or even releasing game on the original console of release with added extras included.

In my view there are no gains to be had from late ports other then insulting everyone involved. Just my opinion.


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