Tales of Graces

It’s easy for poeple to forget something they would rather ignore or perhaps never realized. As such this is one of those times I feel that way. That many have chosen to ignore or simply forget Tales of Graces F is a port of a Wii game. PS3 owners maybe feel it is a PS3 only game since Wii release is unlikely. That would be the same for us in Europe to say Tales of the Abyss is 3DS game only. Just because it hasn’t released on initial console of release doesn’t make it any less a port or remake of that game. Not about to deny Wii has had ports/remakes or older games that released on PS1 and PS2. Okami and Klonoa come to mind.

All those out there writing review of Tales of Graces F if your going to make a comment regarding how long we have been waiting or that it’s best JRPG on PS3 please keep in mind it is a port of a Wii game.



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