Summer of Gaming

Although it doesn’t look or feel like Summer right now where I live I know it’s coming or maybe it’s already here, Can never tell. Anyway felt like sharing some games looking forward to playing this Summer.

Harvest moon Tale of Two Towns 3DS

Really looking forward to this game. Partly because I heard foxes are in the game and partly because of Japanese themed village choice. I don’t think I will encounter anyone else for the streetpass in this game though. My Japanese Alpaca farm will be great even if a bit random.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 3DS

The demo came out recently and gave it a go. The easy mode is just right for me. Not the best at rhythm games but this has perked my interest. Pretty interesting mixe with how the music goes into the performance of the chibis as they go about doing RPG stuff. I hope other music game for 3DS I am interested in Project Mirai also gets released here.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Nintendo 3DS

A bit disappointed with how short the demo was. I still found it more entertaining then Heroes of Ruin. Having cute monster type companions is a plus for me. Bonus points for any fox like one that turns up. Not a huge fan of the series but have played 1 and 2. Sort of interested in the others that were on DS but never got around to buying them.