Thoughts so far…

Just random thoughts after playing some games.
Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns

Just got to end of 1st year. Really enjoying quest system. You often get requests in HM games but it’s very easy to forget what you need to do. Only downside is a lot of repeated or similar requests. Also the ones for one off items such as tools and clothes are only put up 1st of the Month/Season. They stay up all month but have to wait till next month for next one on. The characters in Konohana are a lot more fun. Foxes are cute as always. Only real issue I have is how end of Winter seems to always drag in HM games. Looking forward to growing some trees. It saves me problem of having to water crops.

Theatrythm Final Fantasy

I wasn’t expecting to do as well with this game as I have. As music games go I am having a lot of fun and not finding it too difficult although it will take me ages before I can do any on ultimate and I still struggle with Dark Notes numbered 70+. My party is mostly mages and support but I think that works better in some ways. Some of them are slower so it’s easier to get 1st boss on Dark Notes. I find it really funny seeing Cosmos going for a walk. Would have been better if there was a proper story mode in game though. Just really random when you suddenly have to fight a boss because you got a certain overall score.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Really enjoying this action RPG. Storyline outside of the worlds can be confusing if you have no knowledge on previous games in the series. There are descriptions but it’s not an encyclopaedia so not all information you may want/need is not there. However the game is still a lot of fun regardless. Only world I really don’t like so far is the Tron one. Pretty sure I am on last or second to last world. The carnival one and fantasia one are my faves right now. It’s unfortunate the game isn’t longer. The only complaint I have regarding the game is the Drop between characters is timed but in a lot of the worlds it feels like it should be event based. The actual swapping over itself is fine. I enjoy swapping between characters. It’s great you can do so on start menu as well. It’s going to be hate or like the drop system for many.


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