Top 10 games I would want a sequel to but probably will never get one


10. Luminous Arc 4

As strategy games go I enjoyed the games light-hearted adventures. The witches looked great too. It’s unfortunate the 3rd game and Arc Rise Fantasia didn’t get released in Europe. Even so I would like to see 4th game. More crazy and fun witches. Lots of random funny dialogue and abilities. Can always release 3 and 4 together in some sort of package for outside of Japan right?

9. Tales of Symphonia 3

Really asking for it but even so would still want another sequel to Tales of Symphonia. Even if it was just so I could play as Colette once more. Just one more time to explore world of Symphonia. Just to finally sort everything out and see the world move onto a brighter and happier tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind the monster system returning either.

8. Avalon Code 2

The world is ending so you get a book that lets you alter stuff. Make people happy, change monsters so hopefully they are weaker, change armour so you get fairy wings and weapons you can change too. All the while you prepare to create a new world with words you gathered in the book. Also a side dating system added in for good measure. Would like to play sequel with more options and maybe add-on dictionary for all the words you get.

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers 2

This game was so much fun. While not Final Fantasy or a Crystal Chronicles game makes it a hugely under rated/appreciated game I would still like to see a sequel. The ability to mess around as much as you could in this game was just so much fun. Just thinking of a larger world with more stuff to mess around with just sounds like a lot of fun. However unlikely it is to happen.

6. Muramasa Demon Blade 2

Hand drawn sprites and crazy amounts of action not to mention the adorable white foxes… Do I really need to go much deeper into why I would want a sequel for this game? I mean some of the endings could easily take us off into side games. I would like to see mixture of both characters ending 2. Seeing them become Demon Blade hunters with cute white fox companion would be fantastic. Did I mention the cute whites foxes..?

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King 2

One of the best games on Wiiware. You play as a King of a Final Fantasy town based on Crystal Chronicles series. While lacking in action it’s still a very enjoyable game. I’m sure many have wanted to build own Final Fantasy town and have team of heroes go off to fight enemies. It was a lot of fun. I can be very particular where everything goes. I want to make sure it looks perfect even though not sure who will be looking at it. This game needs huge expansion. More hero types, more buildings, bigger city, able to ride a chocobo off into adventures and hopefully create perfect summoner town. Everything must summon something foxlike though.

4. Fragile Dreams 2

Not the best game combat wise but it’s story and atmosphere are up there with the best. The story of Seto and his journey through the near empty world of sorrow. I was surprised that he wasn’t suffering from severe depression. He has a lot to be sad about. Losing only other living person he knew of and having to search for other people. When he finally meets someone/girl he ends up having to battle monsters and meet lots of strange errm… Never did figure out what the shop keeper was. Anyway it was a strange, sad yet hopeful game. It’s unfortunate the game will never get the sequel it deserves. We all want Seto to have happy end because current end not so sure if he did.

3. Final Fantasy VI-2

I don’t honestly think this has a chance of happening. Even so I really like the magitek armour and felt the poor thing was severely under used. Just really enjoyed this game and want to see more from the characters and the world itself. While I do like the espers and magic I think it would be great if they did a far into the future sequel featuring reincarnations of previous characters who are now magitek armour knights. Maybe not magitek armour as such but something really close to it. Maybe just after a mecha RPG. Either way I think it would be interesting game to create. Because of attention given to Final Fantasy VII it seems unlikely we will ever get to revisit the world of Final Fantasy VI.

2. Theatrhythm Macross Frontier

Theatrhythm pretty interesting take on music genre. Macross Frontier is an idol and mecha anime series. I think Theatrhythm Macross Frontier would be great. The music would be split across three modes and music split between main three characters as well. Ranka for Ranka music, Sheryl for Sheryl music and Alto for the duets. Then the modes would be Triangle (for character interactions), Mecha (for mecha battles) and Concert (to watch Ranka and Sheryl sing). Just thinking of the cute chibi Macross F character dancing it out or cute chibi mecha battling  it out… Might be too cute for some but I think it would be a lot of fun. I don’t see how this would come to be though.

1. StarFox Adventures 2

It is the hate/like game for series fans. It doesn’t but does fit in with rest of the series at the same time. It wasn’t a perfect game but it wasn’t the world’s worst either. Why do I most want this game to have a sequel then? The potential for Adventures spin-off series to Star Fox is just huge. There is a decent list of plants for the team to fully explore so it’s not like we have to revisit same planet all the time. Combat system I admit in StarFox Adventures was slightly modified Zelda one but I could easily see them put in a much more action packed system for sequel. The ability to ride around on difficult vehicles and fully explore and learn about the planet just seems to be too big of an opportunity to miss. unfortunately we will never know where spin-off series called StarFox Adventures would take us. Can only dream of potential.


Review -Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is music game featuring music from across Final Fantasy series. Battle Music, Field Music and Event music are three main modes of gameplay. You can choose to play music separately in Challenge. Can also play all three in Series mode which adds in Opening and Closing optional mini levels so you get a brief look at the game music is from. The final mode is for streetpass and is called Chaos Shrine. In it your given a random Dark Note which contains 1 Field and 1 Battle music. They can be very difficult but when you completed at least 1  you can trade your Dark Notes via streetpass. All this is done to collect Rhythmia which acts as an overall score which given random rewards for. Crystal shards which eventually unlock character depending on it’s colour and amount of said colour collected. Also music for music player, video(slightly different versions of event one) and cards which let you see characters and monsters animated. Worth noting defeating bosses in Chaos Shrine can give you crystal shards as well.

The Bad

Collecting Rhythmia is fairly easy to do but in order to get all characters this way is to get max amount. This will take ages and so your forced to play Chaos Shrine which if your really bad like me may take you many tries before you defeat first Dark Note. Dark Notes are a lot of fun but it’s frustrating getting ones within doable difficulty level. Since no way or limiting the level or fixing what you get going to have to deal with it.

Event music I find more difficult to do. Even if it is just a single line having to follow this line increases or decreases speed which makes it difficult to keep in time with music. What’s worse is that I find a lot of the event music is a lot slower then music found in other modes. In series mode it feels a bit weird suddenly going from a faster field or battle music to suddenly the slower paced event music.

Some of the music you unlock have fixed difficulty. You don’t get to pick how difficult it is. All music unlocked won’t be available in series mode at all. No bonus series option for the extra music as well. All extra music is either first available only through chaos shrine or appear in challenge mode.

The OK

Streetpass mode could have been a lot better. Trading Dark Notes is OK but would be nice if there was more to it. Like trading cards or battling another’s party. It just feels a little short changed all things considered. Then again not exactly feeling like I missing out due to lack of streetpass hits.

Music doesn’t include ones from spinoffs. While series mode gives a balanced impression for music selection in Chaos Shrine and later unlocked in challenge mode some games do have more music then others. There is paid for DLC for extra music. I don’t see it as an issue but it can be really annoying if your a fan of a game or particular music. Wouldn’t have minded some Crystal Chronicles music though.

The Good

Being able to create your own made up Final Fantasy party. There are at least 2 from every main game in series and an extra one. Some of the characters with long dresses and no weapon look hilarious in action. The stats and abilities do make the gameplay more interesting than just a music game. However only Chaos Shrine really needs you to mess with character’s abilities and items.

Game play itself is fun and easy to learn. Battle and Field modes are the better modes though. I have noticed that during Chaos Shrine some of the Field backgrounds are slightly different. I find myself watching background now and then to see if I can recognise part of it.

Dark Notes is best part of the game even if they are difficult. I’m not entirely sure why that is though. It could be the suspense of finding out what music you get or maybe the strive to defeat the boss during the battle for extra item or hopefully a crystal shard to unlock new character. The varied difficulty might be part of it too. There are good in-between difficulties from the series and challenge difficulty options. At first I couldn’t do anything beyond initial difficulty but after doing Dark Notes I can do.

To Buy?

If your a fan of the series or a good few games within the series this is a really good trip down memory lane. If your not fan of series but like music games this could be interesting take on genre for you however you won’t get as much out of it. If your really bad at music games like me this might be one of the few that you can do.

Hiding Ported Games as Exclusives

I’ve noticed for awhile now that game companies and in particular journalists are trying to hide or at least avoid the fact some of the games released locally as exclusives to a console aren’t actually exclusive elsewhere.

Tales of Graces F is one of the best examples of this right now. I have only seen Neo Magazine actually put that it is a port of a Wii game. This may seem more like nit picking at minor details but this could in fact make a huge difference on whether people choose to buy said game or not. Several times I have seen comments from gamers who state they wouldn’t want to play a Wii games. By hiding this as a PS3 game only isn’t that unfair on those gamers?

Hiding such information could lead to annoyance later on. I have my superstitions about Okami HD is actually a port of the Wii version. The supposed “new” widescreen mode is present on Wii version. The support of PS3’s move does bring it further into question as to if it is a port.

This type of thing can only further annoy gamers when they discover the truth. Not just those that brought the game thinking it was made for that console but also gamers who would then miss out due to region locks or cost of importing games.

Review – Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is a side story game for the main Kingdom Hearts series. It features a few weird additions that probably won’t make it to the main games within the series.  I call it a side story is because it has importance within the main game storyline. It’s not something that is entirely separate nor is it something that is fully part of the main series.

The Bad

I find the default controls to be really bad. Having to press both shoulder buttons to lock on is difficult and uncomfortable to do. Thankfully can change it to being just the R shoulder button. Much easier but the camera now only works with L shoulder button. The camera itself can be a bit of a hindrance during battle as well. Most of the time you press attack button you head towards enemy even if you don’t lock on I tend to find that happens. The Dream Eater pets that fight alongside the characters can add to the confusion. More than once I have attempted to attack one.

Not happy with New Game+. Not enough useful stuff gets carried over to the New Game. From what I played I can’t see a way of getting out of creating the Dream Eater so if you replay a lot your going to get ton of that Dream Eater. The tutorials and event reports are reset. It basically means you are prompted to see a cut scenes to further explain something even though you played through it. You can skip tutorials and cut scenes though. Even so I would have thought more stuff would have been brought over for 2nd play.  However you can keep playing the game after the end so you would only replay it for higher difficulty challenge.

The OK

The menu system is huge list basically. It’s like list after list of random stuff. That isn’t a problem but the problems come in with organisation of the list. For starters because most abilities are in huge lists it’s difficult to find a particular one and this can become annoying when you want to remove the “new” label that kindly tells you something new is in there. Still not entirely sure which are the best attacks but guessing the ones taking up two slots are most powerful ones. That said I don’t think menu system is all that bad even if for most part it is basically a selection of lists of random stuff.

The story is bit on confusing side. They are stuff within game to help give details on parts don’t fully understand but I would say you would need some knowledge of Disney worlds in the game and previous Kingdom Hearts games in order to fully understand the story or the individual world story. The drop system doesn’t help with the story. Some of the worlds it feels like it should be at specific moments you should be playing as different character. One world from what I remember really works well for random swapping. There are only the star and final parts of the game have fixed drop moments. I really enjoy the drop system and I think it is severely under used within the game.

The Good

I really like the Dream Eaters. They act as a sort of virtual pet mini game.You can choose to do some mini games to help raise your Dream Eaters. Most of them are fun but the treasure hunt one I struggle at. The Dream Eaters are just fun to watch and mess around with. You can only raise three at a time per a character. So that’s 6 total. You have to make them though but it’s worthwhile getting ones you like.

Some of the cut scenes and worlds are really great in 3D. Only 1 world is a disappointment (The Grid) in regards to 3D and general visual style. Most of the worlds are fantastic though. Really colourful and fun to explore. However that just aren’t enough worlds to explore. It’s very disappointing one world is really out-of-place when I can think of a lot more deserving Disney movies that would have been a much better choice for the game. Specially when so few are in the game. It still the worlds included are a lot of fun even if 1 is out-of-place.

The combat system is the best element of the game by far though. Even if it’s not the greatest it is a lot of fun. Flow motion makes things interesting but not many key locations for flow motion battles. The reality shifts mix up the battle as well but I rarely use them because you have to switch to touch screen for them. They also change depending  the world you are on. Some are more fun then others and some take longer to pull off. I like the Musketeers world reality shift the best. The battles outside of reality shifts are fast paced and a lot of fun.

To Buy?

It really comes down to if your OK with drop system. I enjoyed it but I know and can understand why many would be annoyed by it. Obviously when you get going within the game with one character once timer runs out and you find yourself as another it can be really jarring experience. I didn’t find it to be so. I really like the hectic feel it gives just before a drop. If you want to continue as the other character you can press start and click on drop on bottom screen to swap straight back. I really enjoyed this game but it’s not going to be for everyone. I would give it a decent go before deciding to buy or not.