Hiding Ported Games as Exclusives

I’ve noticed for awhile now that game companies and in particular journalists are trying to hide or at least avoid the fact some of the games released locally as exclusives to a console aren’t actually exclusive elsewhere.

Tales of Graces F is one of the best examples of this right now. I have only seen Neo Magazine actually put that it is a port of a Wii game. This may seem more like nit picking at minor details but this could in fact make a huge difference on whether people choose to buy said game or not. Several times I have seen comments from gamers who state they wouldn’t want to play a Wii games. By hiding this as a PS3 game only isn’t that unfair on those gamers?

Hiding such information could lead to annoyance later on. I have my superstitions about Okami HD is actually a port of the Wii version. The supposed “new” widescreen mode is present on Wii version. The support of PS3’s move does bring it further into question as to if it is a port.

This type of thing can only further annoy gamers when they discover the truth. Not just those that brought the game thinking it was made for that console but also gamers who would then miss out due to region locks or cost of importing games.


2 thoughts on “Hiding Ported Games as Exclusives

  1. riulyn says:

    I’m not sure that the journalists are necessarily thinking “Let’s mask the idea that this game is a port” but maybe more “Let’s only mention the relevant system(s) that the game is being released on in this country so people don’t get confused”. As for the game companies, well they first care about how much money they can make and loyal fans second. Thankfully I’m not a diehard Tales fan, because the way Namco handles their publishing outside of Japan is pretty poor.

    • angelfox22 says:

      Not so sure about first point. A short mini review I can understand but I have read reviews/previews that go a bit into the games history but don’t mention the original console of release. There is a possibility a good few will hide the truth because it’s on a rival/hated console.

      I would think money and loyal fans go hand in hand. If you can’t please what fans you got what hope do you have of gaining new fans? Then again I suppose taking a risk of upsetting fans could also bring in a lot more fans that would otherwise overlook the series.

      I’m not a die-hard Tales of fan as well. What really annoys me is that I asked about Wii and 3DS Tales of games and got a Tales of Graces F tease. That sort of thing annoys me no end. As well as hiding the origins of the game.

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