Review -Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is music game featuring music from across Final Fantasy series. Battle Music, Field Music and Event music are three main modes of gameplay. You can choose to play music separately in Challenge. Can also play all three in Series mode which adds in Opening and Closing optional mini levels so you get a brief look at the game music is from. The final mode is for streetpass and is called Chaos Shrine. In it your given a random Dark Note which contains 1 Field and 1 Battle music. They can be very difficult but when you completed at least 1  you can trade your Dark Notes via streetpass. All this is done to collect Rhythmia which acts as an overall score which given random rewards for. Crystal shards which eventually unlock character depending on it’s colour and amount of said colour collected. Also music for music player, video(slightly different versions of event one) and cards which let you see characters and monsters animated. Worth noting defeating bosses in Chaos Shrine can give you crystal shards as well.

The Bad

Collecting Rhythmia is fairly easy to do but in order to get all characters this way is to get max amount. This will take ages and so your forced to play Chaos Shrine which if your really bad like me may take you many tries before you defeat first Dark Note. Dark Notes are a lot of fun but it’s frustrating getting ones within doable difficulty level. Since no way or limiting the level or fixing what you get going to have to deal with it.

Event music I find more difficult to do. Even if it is just a single line having to follow this line increases or decreases speed which makes it difficult to keep in time with music. What’s worse is that I find a lot of the event music is a lot slower then music found in other modes. In series mode it feels a bit weird suddenly going from a faster field or battle music to suddenly the slower paced event music.

Some of the music you unlock have fixed difficulty. You don’t get to pick how difficult it is. All music unlocked won’t be available in series mode at all. No bonus series option for the extra music as well. All extra music is either first available only through chaos shrine or appear in challenge mode.

The OK

Streetpass mode could have been a lot better. Trading Dark Notes is OK but would be nice if there was more to it. Like trading cards or battling another’s party. It just feels a little short changed all things considered. Then again not exactly feeling like I missing out due to lack of streetpass hits.

Music doesn’t include ones from spinoffs. While series mode gives a balanced impression for music selection in Chaos Shrine and later unlocked in challenge mode some games do have more music then others. There is paid for DLC for extra music. I don’t see it as an issue but it can be really annoying if your a fan of a game or particular music. Wouldn’t have minded some Crystal Chronicles music though.

The Good

Being able to create your own made up Final Fantasy party. There are at least 2 from every main game in series and an extra one. Some of the characters with long dresses and no weapon look hilarious in action. The stats and abilities do make the gameplay more interesting than just a music game. However only Chaos Shrine really needs you to mess with character’s abilities and items.

Game play itself is fun and easy to learn. Battle and Field modes are the better modes though. I have noticed that during Chaos Shrine some of the Field backgrounds are slightly different. I find myself watching background now and then to see if I can recognise part of it.

Dark Notes is best part of the game even if they are difficult. I’m not entirely sure why that is though. It could be the suspense of finding out what music you get or maybe the strive to defeat the boss during the battle for extra item or hopefully a crystal shard to unlock new character. The varied difficulty might be part of it too. There are good in-between difficulties from the series and challenge difficulty options. At first I couldn’t do anything beyond initial difficulty but after doing Dark Notes I can do.

To Buy?

If your a fan of the series or a good few games within the series this is a really good trip down memory lane. If your not fan of series but like music games this could be interesting take on genre for you however you won’t get as much out of it. If your really bad at music games like me this might be one of the few that you can do.


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