Random Wii Game Awards

Since WiiU is coming out it seems right time to list top Wii games. However instead of traditional here are so many games you should play I decided to do top 5 per a specific category. Not to be taken too seriously. Games will only be in one list. I feel it’s unfair to include games in multiple lists. These are all games I have played. Save the last list.

Top 5 Best Describes Wii Games

Games that best show us what Wii is about.

5. Dragon Quest Swords

A spin off of a well known series that uses motion controls.

4. Pandora’s Tower

A JRPG that will be easily over looked for it’s niche elements.

3. Another Code R

A game that tries to appeal to everyone.

2. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

A game from a long running Nintendo series but with motion controls.

1. Wii Sports

A game that uses motion controls, has multiplayer and can appeal to lots of different types of gamers. It’s also made by Nintendo. This game was also available with console and was availble on launch day. It was the game that really got everyone into Wii.

Top 5 Most Traditional Games

Games that have remained true to their routes whether that be series or genre.

5. Harvest Moon Animal Parade

Was torn between this and another title on Wii. This one won out because it is 2nd game on Wii. Although it does add the circus element.

4. The Last Story

Save the battle system and few other elements this game is your traditional JRPG.

3. Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo’s Dungeon

Your dungeon crawling game although starring potentially one of the worlds most famous gaming mascots.

2. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

I can’t tell what’s different between this and other strategy games. I could be wrong. I never really got fully into the game.

1. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

A tribute to all the previous Zelda games. So many elements appeared in this game had already appeared in some form in earlier games in the series. I couldn’t think of another game that deserves reward for most traditional then this game. Not that I find anything wrong with traditional games.

Top 5 Most I Don’t Know What I am Playing Games

Games that either have genre on their own, just plain weird or no idea what I am doing.

5. Zack and Wiki

I know it’s a point and click game and as such it’s really confusing at times.

4. Rayman Raving Rabids

One of the craziest party games ever played. Not that I played loads mind you.

3. Wario Ware Smooth Moves

Same as above but weirder.

2. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers

It’s not a Final Fantasy game nor is it a Crystal Chronicles game no matter how you look at it. The only thing it shares with those 2 is names. Still a fun game though.

1. Little King’s Story

A mishmash of genres that works really well even if can’t think of a specific genre to call it. Weirdest moments come from the rival King battles and also the whole final part of the game is just crazy. At some points it will feel like a whole other experience.

Top 5 Relaxing Games

No need to rush. Just take your time.

5. Nights Journey into Dreams

I find the music alongside the flying levels very calming for some reason. Except some of the Boss fights.

4. Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquillity

You can watch cute animals run around your farm or maybe do some nice fishing. Farm work can be stressful at times though.

3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King

Build but a city whenever you want to and watch your townsfolk roam around meanwhile heroes run off to dungeons.

2. Animal Crossing Let’s got to the City

This is one of the few games that won’t insult you for doing nothing. That’s how relaxing it is.

1. Endless Ocean

Nothing more relaxing then watching fish. Except maybe while listening to your fave chill out song with a dolphin companion. You can just sit and watch fish for ages. Maybe do a bit of slow paced exploring where you will find new fish. Not to mention the animals and birds that visit on your boat for a pet.

Top 5 Crazy Action Games

Games for those wanting to chase after the action.

5. Okami

Originally I was not going to add this game but couldn’t think of another game I have played but not mentioned that fits.

4. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of New World

A nice action based battle system that during boss fights can get hectic.

3. Tatsunoko vs Capcom

A solid fighting game although weird VS choice. Still good fun.

2. Muramasa Demon Blade

The best action game on Wii I have played. Lovely visuals and very strong Japanese theme.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Have high items then add in four players you get craziest battle ever. It’s hard to know how your fighting save one in front of you. With Pokemon flying all over and crazy assist not to mention the mad rush to pull of the final smash. What part of this game isn’t crazy action?

Top 5 “Biggest” Games

Big in one way or another.

5. Sakura Wars So Long My Love

Big stage shows and mecha.

4. Super Mario Galaxy

It’s a Super Mario game where you fly around in space.

3. Rune Factory Frontier

Huge list of potential and some needed to do for this game.

2. Monster Hunter Tri

It has lots of huge monsters. Some of them are so big need a ship to take them down.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles

The game has a huge world to explore and huge monsters to defeat and a huge list of side quests and you will need a huge amount of spare time to do it all. There was no other game that could be 1st place. No other games provides such a huge experience.

Top 5 Most Waited for European Release Games

Games not yet released in Europe. Maybe WiiU download?

5. Earth Seeker

Looks most interesting but no word on localisation.

4. Rodea the Sky Soldier

No word on any release at all.

3. Arc Rise Phantasia

Got released in America but confirmed it won’t be releasing in Europe.

2. Tales of Graces

Been waiting for game’s release since first announcement as a Wii exclusive.

1. Rune Factory Oceans

Released as Wii+Ps3 game in Japan and America. Unfortunately no Wii release in Europe. The other Rune Factory games have been exclusive to Nintendo consoles. It seems a really odd choice for it to be PS3 only. An understandable one though. With WiiU releasing interest in Wii and it’s games have decreased.


Review – Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Since just finished the game felt I should give the game a proper review. It feels like timing is right to do so. Xenoblade is an Action RPG featuring huge locations. The story revolves around Shulk who is a homs who can wield the Monado. Monado is the only weapon that can destroy mechons easily. A tragic event occurs which sets him off on a quest to destroy a faced mechon and end an on going war between homs who live on the giant Bionis and mechon who live on the giant Mechonis. The two said giants battled each other in far past. He journeys up the Bionis encountering new allies for his quest. He also has ridiculous amount of side quests he can complete.

The Bad

The worst aspect of this games comes in the form of side quest markers. Save ones for NPCs and one off items there are no indications for anything else. Even with markers for NPCs finding them can still be a huge pain. Specially in later locations which feature much bigger towns and NPC is only given a vague description. There are few things making finding NPCs easier. All named NPCs appear on relationship chart. Even if it doesn’t give the closest Landmark you can travel to you at least know time they will definitely be available. With monsters and random misc items you collect your not going t be so lucky. Some monsters I was never able to find.

Mechonis is a huge let-down considering the amount of stuff on Bionis. It feels empty at times even though it’s crammed with enemies. There is little sense of night and day there as well. It feels like one huge dungeon with little in-between. It is very draining to playthrough this part. I can imagine many will quit before reaching the top. Really should have added few more bits to Mechonis that weren’t dungeon like.

The OK

The world is beautiful the character models aren’t the greatest. There aren’t many gameplay moments you will on purpose zoom into a character. It only becomes a problem during cut scenes. Even then only some suffer from it. The beautiful world definitely takes your mind off it though. Some of the locations are very impressive. The time of day can effect the locations as well. Lighting and weather changes throughout the day.

The game has a New Game+ carries over a decent amount of stuff. Only complaints are side quests fully reset and Landmarks are lost. I can understand why as some locations aren’t available till after an event later in the game but it does make it a bit tiresome. While I understand that some of the side quests had multiple endings it would have been nice to have those side quests up to that point.

Some of the side quests serve no purpose at all meanwhile others become short mini stories as game progresses. The huge number of side quests is great but at same time off putting. Specially if your like me and want to help out where possible. I feel somewhat obliged to take on all the side quests even if some I might never complete. Thankfully can view the quest information whenever although some are timed. Have to do them before a certain event.

The overall story itself is mostly your typical JRPG affair. A young hero’s home is destroyed and he goes off on a quest of vengeance to end a war. Certain aspects are unique to the story and it can be heart breaking at times as well as really funny. Although some parts feel pushed in at times as opposed to having a natural progression of events. Overall it’s an enjoyable if not slightly typical storyline.

The Good

Battle system is fun. Each character can assign artes as well as a bonus one. With Shulk this is a whole set of new artes connected to Monado. You also get visions which show a potentially devastating attack and a timer appears to stop or lessen the damage of the attack. Mostly this is done using Monado but other ways to alter the future. During the battle you get a bar on top. Once filled you can perform a unison attack. Basically go from one character to next performing a chosen arte. The best aspect of this is being able to set your own team. This means if you don’t like Shulk you can play as another character and even not have him in the party. It’s pretty fun to here what certain party members say to each other during the battle.

When it comes to character affinity in most games this has limited effects. In this game it unlocks heart to heart events which reveal more about the characters. Which I always like. It also allows for character to skill link with another. This allows them to learn a skill another characters has learnt. For example one of the later characters can’t equip heavy armour however can use skill link so they can equip it. It makes it more interesting because can set certain skills to boost a character or alter it so they affectively carry out a role they might not be suited to otherwise.

No matter what level you are at there will be monsters somewhere in the world that can challenge you. I find in some RPGs this isn’t the case. You have a gap where certain level of characters can’t level up effectively because monsters are far too difficult or far too easy. A little hunting around the world will find you a monster that is just right level to take on. If can’t find any there is always side quests to do or potentially should be moving on with the story.

One of the best things about this game is how big locations are. You can find plenty of hidden spots to gaze at scenery. I definitely  know of some really nice chill out spots just to watch the day and night cycle. It’s amazing how big some locations are but don’t feel empty. If anything really crammed with stuff. One place mentioned before is a let down the rest is great.

To Buy?

If you want a game which has huge locations to explore and love doing side quests this is game for you.  If your after a more traditional JRPG The Last Story would be a much better choice. That said both are great games in their own rights.

The Logic of Bad Fans

I could never understand some fans. The fan logic they apply to gaming and anime is just very strange at times. The biggest problem I have encountered is how one-sided their views can be. Not just on set topics but on whole variety of stuff. Sometimes it like they are wearing tinted glasses. At first you might think rose-tinted is what I am meaning but not always. Here is a list of the random logic that is applied.

1. The Fan Label

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen. Once you got labelled as a specific fan this can change how people view what you write or say. You can be on a particular forum for ages before this happens but once it happens it can change so much in both good or bad ways. For starters it can mean everything you write must be somehow magically connected to what you’re a fan of. This can include topics not related to said fan subject. This can cause some real head scratching moments or random arguments for no particular reason. This can become a much worse situation when you’re in a position of minority. Your unlikely to get support and more likely to get bullied in a way. Like wild animals people pick up on differences and push those different away. Like a way to cleanse themselves and from their little wild pack that runs around attacking other packs and some might not even exist. Major reasons for this is because of bad press a lot of fans get. Most fans are decent lot but I find certain forums seem to gather bad fans. They always seem to stick out like a sour thumb.

2. It Only Works One Way

Bad fans have a nice way of putting everything into place for any debate. It is their answer to most arguments regarding something that can be applied to two things but makes them look bad. The logic of “It only works one way and that’s the way I say it works”. The best way is to use an example. In situation of a person not having played a console but easily rates it as rubbish most people should think this is unfair. However if it’s a console made by a company you don’t like for whatever reason it doesn’t really matter then. However using same logic and response but on the rival console. Those exact same people who supported previous thoughts would go against current ones. If you were to kindly point out to them this they would either reject it in some weird way or some might actually admit to doing so and for lack of better words apologise. Bad fans will only have it the way that benefits their fan subject.

3. From my Eyes and not Theirs

When it comes to story elements especially when there is a huge range of focus it’s very easy to ignore what the character actually known. As a result it’s very easy for fans to pick a side based on what they know. This can put very strange effect on the truth of characters actions. For example a common plot element is a character leaving the rest in order to protect them and put an end to all the bad stuff. For most part this sounds pretty noble unless you are already aware that this is all due to some bad guy pushing that person into leaving to further gain the advantage. It’s quite easy in that instance to view departure of the character as foolish or even selfish. As a result the character can become less popular even if it is made very clear that said character would have no knowledge of this. It’s very easy for us the viewer to ignore this in favour of what we know. It would be interesting to go back and watch a series from one characters perspective as opposed to the wider range provided.

4. Dreaming is Nice

We like to think what we see is positive for whatever we like. Facing the true character or object is a difficult task. Only a true fan would accept the good and bad and still like it. Now you can argue that you like something that has little or any bad stuff relating to it. Are you so sure? There are always bad stuff. Seeing that bad stuff and saying that it is bad but I still like it is very rare. Even I am guilty of it. That said what is bad for one might be good for another person. I maybe aware a character has childish moments but find those funny as opposed to annoying as some might. Some bad elements of a particular console could be just a misunderstanding rather than a fact. It is worthwhile having a good hard look at what you like. Might be difficult facing the truth but it makes what you like all the more solid.

Video Games – How do they know that?

When it comes to video games there are often moments where a character will say or ask for something that they should have no knowledge about. These are some that has really stuck out for me. Probably more but just can’t remember them at the moment.

Xenoblade – Colony 6 Rebuild

When rebuilding the Colony you have to locate a lot random items found throughout the game. However what most people fail to think about is how they know such items exist and where to get them. While some  May have been to that place there are a lot of items they should not know about. Even if we go by word of mouth type thing this leaves us with weird question of who told them about said items in first place. Perhaps  an even bigger mystery is the choice of items. Some of them just don’t sound like they would be all that useful in rebuilding anything. From a selection of randomly found items they build a whole row of houses. They could be trading the items but they also ask for money too. I guess we will never figure it out.

StarFox Adventures – Krystal’s Name

The biggest mystery in the game has to be how Fox knew who Krystal was during his encounter with a CloudRunner while on Dragon Rock shard. Many wonder how this could be. Meanwhile those of us who are curios and actually bothered to look at Slippy’s help (whether prompted to look or not) are asking how Slippy knew Krystal’s name. During return trip with one of the Krazoas pausing menu and going into Slippy’s help brings up a nice bit of text asking how Krystal is before you even head to Dragon Rock. This ties in with how they knew staff was Krystal’s as well. Most of the time have map on bottom screen once you brought it. However one of the alternate options is to bring up a description of said item. This wields interesting results at times. When having this mode on and your next to the staff (not holding it or in rucksack) your promptly told this is Krystal’s staff. We will never know how they got this information… Well actually someone found a text dump in the game that reveals baby CloudRunner(who was intended to be Princess Kyte) and was supposed to tell Fox. Since that never happened in-game we are left to wonder.

GuildWars Prophecies – Random Enemies

Potentially a really weird experience regarding enemies. Enemies are location-based as opposed to being story based. One of the good/bad points of this game is that you can skip to a location and find yourself at a different time within the story. Most of the time not a huge issue however during Prophecies you ally yourself with White Mantle. Prior to finding the next spot of co-op mission it’s very easy to find yourself at an outpost where just outside they attack you. Very strange occurrence specially if you aren’t aware of a plot twist that’s about to take place… Or should I say has because you skipped it.

Nameless Random NPCs

I could go on for ages about random NPCs that know or talk about stuff not yet happened. If I could be bothered to look for them all. Often these guys are ignored so it’s easy to understand why I can’t remember all of them. That and there are too many of these types to really have one that stands out. Most of them are in older RPGs as well.

Bonus – Remember already!

The opposite of knowing stuff they shouldn’t do is when you get characters no matter what is happening say the same stuff. This happens in pretty much every RPG. The town greater will always welcome you to the town no matter what happens or how long you have been in said town. It’s kinda amusing that at one point in Tales of Symphonia you can talk to people on a pilgrimage to a place that’s destroyed. I can only assume they will be staring at ruins from safe distance.