Video Games – How do they know that?

When it comes to video games there are often moments where a character will say or ask for something that they should have no knowledge about. These are some that has really stuck out for me. Probably more but just can’t remember them at the moment.

Xenoblade – Colony 6 Rebuild

When rebuilding the Colony you have to locate a lot random items found throughout the game. However what most people fail to think about is how they know such items exist and where to get them. While some  May have been to that place there are a lot of items they should not know about. Even if we go by word of mouth type thing this leaves us with weird question of who told them about said items in first place. Perhaps  an even bigger mystery is the choice of items. Some of them just don’t sound like they would be all that useful in rebuilding anything. From a selection of randomly found items they build a whole row of houses. They could be trading the items but they also ask for money too. I guess we will never figure it out.

StarFox Adventures – Krystal’s Name

The biggest mystery in the game has to be how Fox knew who Krystal was during his encounter with a CloudRunner while on Dragon Rock shard. Many wonder how this could be. Meanwhile those of us who are curios and actually bothered to look at Slippy’s help (whether prompted to look or not) are asking how Slippy knew Krystal’s name. During return trip with one of the Krazoas pausing menu and going into Slippy’s help brings up a nice bit of text asking how Krystal is before you even head to Dragon Rock. This ties in with how they knew staff was Krystal’s as well. Most of the time have map on bottom screen once you brought it. However one of the alternate options is to bring up a description of said item. This wields interesting results at times. When having this mode on and your next to the staff (not holding it or in rucksack) your promptly told this is Krystal’s staff. We will never know how they got this information… Well actually someone found a text dump in the game that reveals baby CloudRunner(who was intended to be Princess Kyte) and was supposed to tell Fox. Since that never happened in-game we are left to wonder.

GuildWars Prophecies – Random Enemies

Potentially a really weird experience regarding enemies. Enemies are location-based as opposed to being story based. One of the good/bad points of this game is that you can skip to a location and find yourself at a different time within the story. Most of the time not a huge issue however during Prophecies you ally yourself with White Mantle. Prior to finding the next spot of co-op mission it’s very easy to find yourself at an outpost where just outside they attack you. Very strange occurrence specially if you aren’t aware of a plot twist that’s about to take place… Or should I say has because you skipped it.

Nameless Random NPCs

I could go on for ages about random NPCs that know or talk about stuff not yet happened. If I could be bothered to look for them all. Often these guys are ignored so it’s easy to understand why I can’t remember all of them. That and there are too many of these types to really have one that stands out. Most of them are in older RPGs as well.

Bonus – Remember already!

The opposite of knowing stuff they shouldn’t do is when you get characters no matter what is happening say the same stuff. This happens in pretty much every RPG. The town greater will always welcome you to the town no matter what happens or how long you have been in said town. It’s kinda amusing that at one point in Tales of Symphonia you can talk to people on a pilgrimage to a place that’s destroyed. I can only assume they will be staring at ruins from safe distance.


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