The Logic of Bad Fans

I could never understand some fans. The fan logic they apply to gaming and anime is just very strange at times. The biggest problem I have encountered is how one-sided their views can be. Not just on set topics but on whole variety of stuff. Sometimes it like they are wearing tinted glasses. At first you might think rose-tinted is what I am meaning but not always. Here is a list of the random logic that is applied.

1. The Fan Label

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen. Once you got labelled as a specific fan this can change how people view what you write or say. You can be on a particular forum for ages before this happens but once it happens it can change so much in both good or bad ways. For starters it can mean everything you write must be somehow magically connected to what you’re a fan of. This can include topics not related to said fan subject. This can cause some real head scratching moments or random arguments for no particular reason. This can become a much worse situation when you’re in a position of minority. Your unlikely to get support and more likely to get bullied in a way. Like wild animals people pick up on differences and push those different away. Like a way to cleanse themselves and from their little wild pack that runs around attacking other packs and some might not even exist. Major reasons for this is because of bad press a lot of fans get. Most fans are decent lot but I find certain forums seem to gather bad fans. They always seem to stick out like a sour thumb.

2. It Only Works One Way

Bad fans have a nice way of putting everything into place for any debate. It is their answer to most arguments regarding something that can be applied to two things but makes them look bad. The logic of “It only works one way and that’s the way I say it works”. The best way is to use an example. In situation of a person not having played a console but easily rates it as rubbish most people should think this is unfair. However if it’s a console made by a company you don’t like for whatever reason it doesn’t really matter then. However using same logic and response but on the rival console. Those exact same people who supported previous thoughts would go against current ones. If you were to kindly point out to them this they would either reject it in some weird way or some might actually admit to doing so and for lack of better words apologise. Bad fans will only have it the way that benefits their fan subject.

3. From my Eyes and not Theirs

When it comes to story elements especially when there is a huge range of focus it’s very easy to ignore what the character actually known. As a result it’s very easy for fans to pick a side based on what they know. This can put very strange effect on the truth of characters actions. For example a common plot element is a character leaving the rest in order to protect them and put an end to all the bad stuff. For most part this sounds pretty noble unless you are already aware that this is all due to some bad guy pushing that person into leaving to further gain the advantage. It’s quite easy in that instance to view departure of the character as foolish or even selfish. As a result the character can become less popular even if it is made very clear that said character would have no knowledge of this. It’s very easy for us the viewer to ignore this in favour of what we know. It would be interesting to go back and watch a series from one characters perspective as opposed to the wider range provided.

4. Dreaming is Nice

We like to think what we see is positive for whatever we like. Facing the true character or object is a difficult task. Only a true fan would accept the good and bad and still like it. Now you can argue that you like something that has little or any bad stuff relating to it. Are you so sure? There are always bad stuff. Seeing that bad stuff and saying that it is bad but I still like it is very rare. Even I am guilty of it. That said what is bad for one might be good for another person. I maybe aware a character has childish moments but find those funny as opposed to annoying as some might. Some bad elements of a particular console could be just a misunderstanding rather than a fact. It is worthwhile having a good hard look at what you like. Might be difficult facing the truth but it makes what you like all the more solid.


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