Halloween Video Game Rewards

This is my random Halloween Video Game Rewards. I’m looking at games that best show us what Halloween is about. This isn’t about which game is scariest or has the most gore. These are rewards for those games that provide us with the most Halloween like experience without actually having to do so ourselves.

Trick or Treaters Awards

The idea of trick or treating is to go up to a house that looks promising and knock on the door wearing soemthing that at least looks costumish and say “Trick or Treat”. The people of the house then provide you with sweets or shoo you off.

Best Trick or Treater: King Corobo’s Army – Little Kings Story

Corobo sets off with an army of freinds. First stop he sends them into the flower shop to get their costumes. Then they set off around his kingdom knocking on homes and to collect. OK so might not be great on collecting sweets but they do get lots of money and an odd occasional prize as well. At least they have right idea of what you need to do even if it’s all for the escort.

Best Trick or Treater Runner Up: Link – Twilight Princess

Link first finds a nice big city in this case Castle Town. Plenty of people and houses to check out. Link arrives in his Wolf form and instead of knocking nicely on doors he howls and barks at them. The guards all rush around him and provide him with sweets when Link spins around. At least he gets random treats for it but he needs to learn how to knock on doors and be less disruptive.

Worst Trick or Treater: Humans – Animal Crossing

The idea is you go around knocking on doors and saying “Trick or Treat” to be given sweet. Not you run around trying to avoid all the animals who are after your sweets. The whole objective for them is to find this Jack in order to trade sweets for furniture. That is not how Halloween is supposed to work.

Costume Rewards

The costume is essential part of Halloween. Your not going to get a sweet for just being you tonight. Might work every other day but not this night. It’s important to get right costume.

Best Costume: Fox McCloud – StarFox Adventures

When it comes to costumes nothing beats SharpClaw Disguise. Not only is it a full disguise but it fools SharpClaws into thinking he is actually a SharpClaw. What makes this costume above the rest though is the fact that this outfit can trick SharpClaw locks and items as well. You would be fooled into thinking a SharpClaw has come for sweets not Fox McCloud.

Best Costume Runner Up: The Heroes – Tales of Symphonia

When it comes to costume selection these guys have you covered. They have everything. They got Klonoa cosplay, Maid outfit, a mask for the lazy ones, Angel outfit and of course the more traditional Pirate and Ninja costumes too. Also got crazy weapons to match the costumes too. Everything from scary cursed weapons to not so scary but crazy funny ones like a mop.

Worst Costume: Amaterasu – Okami

When it comes to costumes a simple piece of paper/cloth with some scribbles on it over the face doesn’t cut it. It might trick some stupid monsters that called Amaterasu stupid earlier but everyone else knows it is her. The worst part is those monsters think she is cute in this disguise. They are all so eager for her to help them.

Halloween Adventurers Rewards

Might not want to dress up but even so you want to go off on some Halloween adventures. Always to some dark spooky place while carrying a handy torch. Expect to hear creepy noises and maybe have soemthing randomly jump out of you.

Best Halloween Adventurer: Seto – Fragile Dreams

Seto sets off into the night holding nothing but a torch. In the distance he can hear strange sounds and all he has for comfert is his torch and maybe a ghost friend.. The environments have the right sort of neglected and empty look and feel. Not only does he come across scary ghost like monsters but also encounters friendly ghosts he helps out

Best Halloween Adventurer Runner Up: Link – Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

Off he goes into some deep dark dungeon with nothing but a torch. Expect a few redeads to jump out from coffins on the sides screeching to freeze Link in fear.These things look like close relatives of Zombies and are weak to sunlight.
Also get some ghosts that try to possess Link but are also weak to light. Finally we got the traditional scary spiders.

Worst Halloween Adventurer: Hunter – Monster Hunter Trii

When it comes to hunting at night while holding a torch the scariest thing you will find isn’t the huge monsters that leap out at you… No it’s the Hunter. Armed with the best possible equipment a gleaming sword and eyes focused on it’s pry the hunter takes off after the huge monsters. Which is opposite of what Halloween Adventures should be like.

Test of Fear Rewards

The test of fear is to show some really scary yet harmless stuff in order to make person in the test run away in fear. Of course some sort of reward awaits you. Not exactly Halloween but I decided to add this anyway randomly.

Best Test of Fear: Test of Fear – StarFox Adventures

As name implies this is a proper Test of fear. Fox must face off against ghosts, face paced dinosaurs and a giant ghost monster. If he can’t keep his cool he fails the test and is booted out. He must keep trying in order to prove his worth to the Krazoa spirit and get possessed by it. Of course this is all for Krystal who is trapped.

Best Test of Fear Runner Up: Silent Realm – Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

What’s worse then normal if you get scared you fail is if you get hit once and fail. What’s worse is only defence against these things is collecting Sacred Tears. It’s a mad dash to collect all the Sacred Tears before either the gaurdiens get you and boots you out or you get fed up of trying to collect all the Sacred tears. I’m the latter.

Worst Test of Fear: Keyblade Master – Kingdom Hearts 3DS

The test itself was to go and wake up worlds that are asleep. Sounds simple enough but it’s more crazy then world filled with nightmares. After going through all that one character ultimately fails the test due to bad luck more then lack of skill. If it happened other way around well you get the idea. It’s less test and more series of random events that are connected vaguely.


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