Looking at Later Ports Extra Content and DLC

This really is just a quick price  look into what you’re getting with a Later Port compared to what it would be worth as DLC instead. I am using Okami Wii as price guide. Some games haven’t been localised so I wanted a game that has been localised to use as a rough guide as if it has been localised. FFCC My Life as a King is being used due to familiarity of the game and it’s DLC. I didn’t want to use a game I wasn’t sure what the extra content actually added to the game.

My Life as a King DLC: 1000 Wii Points = £12.00

  • For extra costumes: £1.20
  • 1 Extra Race: £3.60
  • 3 Extra Race: £9.60
  • Extra Dungeons: £3.60
  • There was a graphics update for free

Add on content full price list: Final Fantasy Wikia

Okami Wii : Rounded to £10

To explain the above DLC pricing. The more it affects the overall game the more expensive the price. An extra costume is just a visual change. It doesn’t affect gameplay at all. It also doesn’t extend the game in any way. The middle priced DLC have some gameplay change and others some extended play. Most expensive offers the greatest change or is a package of several other DLC. Overall visual update is done for free but this is done to highlight new DLC and it also doesn’t change visual style of the game.

Using that as a price guide it quickly becomes apparent many later ports are ridiculously over priced for the additions offered. It would be cheaper for us to buy the original release and pay for the extras as DLC. No company as yet has offered to put up extra port content as DLC on older versions when able to. The fact is if you have a console preference your more likely to pay up extra money to play on console your happy with even if it’s not really worth doing so. Specially if you own both consoles. I have heard of people buying more expensive versions simply due to the controller.  Later ports will probably be around for a long time to come for this reason alone.


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