Review – The Last Story (Wii)

A rare traditional JRPG on Wii. When it comes to JRPGs this game ticks most if not all the boxes for it. It doesn’t really do much outside the traditional JRPG norm. It does have a really interesting combat system.

The Bad

The game is chapter based. There isn’t anything hugely wrong with that alone but like with all chapter based games much content is only available during certain chapters. Miss out and you end up losing out on an event or side quest. Some are easier to miss than others. Specially sick girl story because the character relating to it are hidden around back of Arena which won’t visit a lot. Then they are kids that steal from you that hide around back streets. The game lacks in sidequests that have a dungeon attached to it. Majority are minor ones that take place in the city. Also is very story heavy game. If you don’t like the characters or story you won’t like the game. The characters are very chatty and gameplay is divided through lots of cut scenes. There is a skip button but I enjoy the story so hardly every use it.

Fun extra weapons and special dyes can only be found through online play. Online play is divided into Co-Op monster battle and VS Arena. If you want to get some fun weapons have to go play online. Special dyes can only be gotten through VS mode. It’s disappointing no way of getting those special dyes outside of VS mode.

The Good

Armour alteration is fantastic. Being able to dye parts and remove pointless armour parts that ruin the look is great. It does take a bit of tweaking to get armour from artwork save Calista’s armour. Calista gets her two dresses however her armour is fixed along with knight armour you get. You can’t dye it so while the dress is exactly like the white one shown in artwork its coloured black instead.

The combat system is a lot of fun. It has a strategy side to it so unlike other more action type RPGs this one does require some thoughtful thinking. Being able to shoot monsters with crossbows. Ordering character to destroy parts of building. Can also command character to use different attacks or support which comes in handy with elemental weaknesses.. Although the game is relatively easy. Only final boss may prove too much of a challenge. Second play through passes on levels and armour. Only bosses increase level. The most difficult parts are solo parts and dungeons. Specially on 2nd play through.

The game only has one major city so it’s easy to find where to go next after a while. This is your hub town which changes as story progresses. The city is one of the best hub towns I have seen but I also know many might feel it’s a bit empty compared to other games. It lacks the countless nameless roaming NPCs. The art style is wonderful. While sometimes it lacks colour I feel it works really well with the feel of this being a story. Design of dungeons are well thought out with strategy in mind. You can replay a lot of the dungeons for extra treasure.

To Buy?

If you’re a huge JRPG fan and like the characters and storyline you will love this game. If your only interested in gameplay might want someone else to finish story so you can just do the dungeons at the end.


2 thoughts on “Review – The Last Story (Wii)

  1. riulyn says:

    I think I’ll be someone who’ll like this game, but I have Xenoblade to get through first. Anyway, have you tried out multiplayer?

    • angelfox22 says:

      I have tried it yes. The Co-Op mode you go against selected Bosses. The VS Mode you battle other players at random locations you go to during the game. I like playing as Calista during online play. Some of the VS arena benefit for magic users and others a disadvantage. Co-Op mode is fun but after awhile you start wishing there were more bosses. Some bosses are insanely difficult to do with just 2 players. Neither mode have a difficulty setting. So your going with random players with random skill abilities unless you got freinds registered. Which might be best way to get all special dyes.

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