Rune Factory Frontier Diary – Week 2

Another week has ended for Raguna. It’s been full of excitement and new friends.

Raguna spent most of the week training in first dungeon. He is now level 11. He also made some accessories to wear. A belt, pendent and pair of glove type armour things. With boost in defence the monsters in dungeon do very little damage to Raguna now. He also got some books and new pharmacy to make potions. Although can’t make any much-needed health potions just yet. Made some rice balls in preparation for boss battle that will be happening at some point. The barn is now built which also means got first pet monster. The squirrel type one known as a Chitter which was named Ai for lack of a better name.

Kanno moaning about need for food has sent for his two grandchildren. Marriage candidate Cinnamon and her yuonger sister Candy. They come falling onto Raguna outside clock tower. Cinnamon is quiet and spends her time fishing or hanging around places. She gives Raguna a fishing rod so he can join in. Candy talks to spirits mainly known as the Runeys. She can create miracles by talking to them of course you need some before hand. She gives us the harvester for that reason. Harvester is also used for monsters that don’t work in field. Kanno also has taken Raguna on as his student. Raguna quickly finishes his first task and gets fire rod as a reward. The rod has special attack which is a fireball spell. Not right good at aiming attacks though.

Marco seems to have a thing for Candy. Hanging out with her and even blushing when she compliments his house. All very cute and innocent. Unfortunately Raguna not so innocent listened in to Candy and Cinnamon talking in the bath house. Evidently they don’t change appearance much as they age. He was so embarrassed form conversation he collapsed. Serves him right for listening in.

Raguna has also taken to going into Inn late a night to listen to the drunkards. Those being Ganesha, Stella and Turner. Turner keeps trying to drink loads but moans in morning he has drank too much. Ganesha was blushing and looked near passing out at one point. Stella seems to hold down her drink pretty well.

Mist continues to be Mist. She insisted on having a friendship token since Raguna has moved next door. Since Raguna looked silly in earrings I decided to give her them. She was wearing them and they did suit her a lot better than Raguna. One  day it was raining so she decided to hang out at Raguna’s house saying it was best thing to do on rainy days. She ended the week saying monsters would look after Raguna if he farmed in a cave. Of course Raguna already growing some grass and strawberries in first dungeon already.

Rosetta appears in Mist’s house. She has run off from home due to falling out with her father. Rosetta is showing her competitive side to us. She has already asked what Raguna thinks of Mist and even asks him to take her around town although she says that was a joke. Later in week comments on Raguna’s body. She also recounts tales of her and Mist as childhood freinds. Mist falling asleep and forgetting to meet up with her. It’s hard to be mad at Mist.

Near end of week Raguna bumps into marriage candidate Uzuki. She makes her entrance alongside her over protective companion the tiny Tsubute before disappearing on us. During Holiday she makes a reappearance confused as to where Raguna went off to. She’s from far east and is looking for her brother.

Not much else to comment on other characters this week.


Rune Factory Frontier Diary – Week 1

This week starts with our main hero Raguna (can change his name) arrived in Trampoli to find a missing girl Mist. Mist saved his life in first game of the series. Your not required to play previous game and there is option to say you haven’t. After spending night in church run by the elderly Stella the next morning Mist happens to walk in. All the girls who are marriage candidates have own mini anime introduction clip. After this meeting Raguna finds himself a new home and farm to work on thanks to Mist basically tricking him in her own crazy way. The house is tiny with only really a bed and box to store stuff and while he has decent sized field it’s filled with stumps, rocks and weeds. There is no barn to speak of. Mist is kind enough to give us a couple of tools and some turnip seeds. Obviously she loves turnips and wants some from Raguna in particular.

Farm work can wait and so Raguna went around the village to meet everyone. First stop was church to see Stella although stopped to check the broken clock tower on way round.  Stella sent Raguna on a task to Turner at the Inn in business district. There we met Eunice his daughter and another marriage candidate. She looks chubby/fat and loves sweets. She often is cleaning the inn and hanging laundry to try. Turner her father is chubby too and her Rita mum works there too. Anyway after mistake of Raguna not being a guest Turner sends him out to blacksmiths next. The blacksmith of this game is lovely elf Ganesha and her son Marco lives with her. Now onto the local and only general store as Danny eagerly tells us. He sends poor Raguna off to meet with another local farmer Erik. Erik is nice enough although desperate for a girlfriend. He offers tips and advice on farming although he talks about turnips becoming monsters if left in field as season changes. Eric also sells seeds. Also living in that area is Kross. A depressed man living on his own and sings sad songs in the field. He is one that upgrades the farm. And so ends the little run around Raguna must do and sets to work on field. By that I mean he puts weeds in shipping box. Then ploughs some of the land to plant Mist’s turnip seeds before watering them. While Mist hangs out at farm. Around 5PM Rosetta walks in to take stuff out of shipping bin. She is Mists childhood friend/rival and merchant from town they came from. Much more down to earth then Mist. After taking the weeds and paying Raguna she leaves. So it’s off to bed for Raguna.

The following day Raguna gets a knock on the door and is met by Anette the local mail girl and some woollys (sheep monster). She hands Raguna some mail before leaving. Obviously it’s her welcome to town letter. Raguna get requests through mail as well mail he must respond to. Spent most of the day looking after field. Ploughing it some more before heading  off and saying hello to everyone. Not much else happened that day… Spent couple of days clearing field. It’s roughly 1/2 cleared and Eric rewards Raguna with a scythe to cut weeds but weeds are only source of income at moment. It’s the thought that counts. Stella also hands us an axe since there are twigs and stumps in field that need removing.
Few days into the week Stella tells Raguna about strange plant growing outside clock tower. Mist talks about strange dream of watering a plant and climbing it up to Whale Island. Putting the two together Raguna waters strange plant and climbs up onto the floating island. The Whale Island then asks Raguna to help. Seems whale is losing rune power and will crash. Raguna decides to help out Whale Island and further explores the island. On it he encounters monsters and then oddly enough Melody. Melody a marriage candidate is in search of a hot spring so she gives Raguna a hammer to smash wall. So he does. She’s happy enough and heads off to open up her bath house in Trampoli. A great place to recover RP and HP once a day. Further onto the island and Raguna exits the entrance cave and sees a mysterious girl watering some flowers and enter a tower. The tower is locked but with some field space obviously could grow some flowers and catch her attention. With no flower seeds Raguna leaves the island. The day after good few are talking about Raguna’s adventure on whale island. Ganesha doesn’t want Marco to go not that Raguna would take him. Few others are puzzled how Raguna got there and Stella notes the giant beanstalk.

Not long after Mist falls ill of course this is followed by Raguna collapsing the next day and meeting marriage candidate the nun and nurse Lara. Lara tells Raguna off and says she intends to stay because Raguna is reckless. Best not make her worry and collapse. Mist has since recovered from her one day cold and asks Raguna to clear her garden of weeds. Raguna can’t refuse her and so cuts the weeds and finds entrance to a dungeon. The dungeons also act as a greenhouse of a particular season. This one is Spring one so can grow Spring crop here year round. After a quick run through dungeon Raguna rests up for the night.

Not long after Mist decides to share a strange dream with Raguna. I mean she shares it not just tell Raguna about it. After leaving house Raguna meets a collapsed girl. Wanting water Raguna using his watering can. Thinking better of it her gets Lara. Back at church come hospital collapsed girl said her name is Selphy and forgot to eat but insists that’s normal. Lara convinces her to stay for health reasons. During normal rounds in village Raguna was told of Lute a travelling merchant he sells kitchens, forges and other home furnishings and upgrades. Raguna is given couple of books to get him started. One for cooking and one for upgrading tools. Lute only appears on a Holiday. A holiday happens at end/start of each week.

Holiday just so happens to be next day and Raguna sets off to meet the merchant. Seems Lute is really an artist but lacks funding. From Lute Raguna purchases a kitchen before heading off to kick trees with a hammer to get some cherries to sell and say hi to everyone. While on way round Raguna meets the wise old Kanno. Seems he is here to investigate the Runeys and dungeons. Further around Raguna heads back to Church district and enters the library to see Selphy will be staying there and reading books as well as selling them. Selphy is also a marriage candidate. Kind of strange because she looks a bit like Colette from Tales of Symphonia but has Haruhi ‘s English voice actress. At least it sounds a lot like her. Anyway after Rosetta buys stuff from Raguna’s shipping bin he heads back to buy more stuff from Lute. A forge to upgrade tools, weapons and make some accessories and frying pan along with a pot for kitchen.

And the week comes to the end. This week was really packed with events but it’s early in the game. Lots of characters to still meet and need to defeat first boss in the Spring Dungeon. Next week should be one filled with more adventures.

Rune Factory Frontier Diary – Introduction and Explanation

I have recently restarted Rune Factory Frontier. Decided to write a short diary of in-game week of the game. Not an actual weeks worth of playing.

For those who don’t know anything about Rune Factory the game series is Harvest Moon or farming life sim meets RPG. You have a run down farm can build and improve on and potentially start a family in. Unlike your usual farming sim the main farmer is also the hero of the story. Going into dungeons to defeat the boss at the end and ultimately saving the day. Obviously this side of things effect the farming side as well. Instead of usual farm animals get to tame monsters instead. The farm can be expanded to have a forge and pharmacy as well as the usual kitchen. Not to mention the marriage candidates which has few normal type girls alongside elves and other such crazy characters. Not to mention the RPG storyline.

Quick run through of stuff I might bring up but not explain all the time. I’m guessing the rest you will have some idea of what I am meaning. Your free to ask questions as I progress.

Trampoli is the name of village the game is set in. The village is separated into districts with the main 2 being church and business.

LP is love points for marriage candidates. FP for friendship points which every character has.

The calendar is made up of 4 seasons which are basically like 4 months. The week is made up of 6 days one being specifically called Holiday.

Rune Points or RP for short are the basic energy of the game. Doing something that has an effect requires RP. Watering field, swinging sword, upgrading a weapon etc. Once it is all gone you end up using HP instead.

In the game you gain levels like normal RPG. You also got skill points for specific tool, weapon sets and crafting stuff as well as magic. This effects amount of RP you use and in some what you can make.

Whale Island is huge whale in sky. It’s basically one huge dungeon you climb a beanstalk to get to.

Runeys are cute little spirit things that hover around the village. They need to be managed in order for land to prosper. Balance in most locations is desired but I never attempt to do so.

The Problem with Game Awards

When it’s nearing end of year major gaming sites and magazines start giving out rewards. Time and time again I noticed every one of them use a broken system and everyone is fine with it. I personally feel the need to point out issues with current reward systems in place. It’s better than other ideas I had for a blog post.

Most of these award systems are based on votes by just about anyone. Most of the time it’s simply a tick in a box then you click submit and odd ones let us write in our game of the year. Nothing wrong with that. Allowing us to vote for our favourite games is a great idea but in practice it fails miserably. There are several reasons why this idea ultimately fails and instead of writing one huge block of what the bad stuff are I will break it down to make it easier to read.

Problem 1 : Your creating your own list

When a poll is created for these end of year rewards you would start with a list of potential games. You may think nothing wrong with that but there is one huge problem with it. Your already giving those looking at the poll ideas for what the best game should be. Instead of putting down a name for a game they like that released this year they instead are ticking a box from a list of games you think should win. So while the person voting may feel another game should win it since it isn’t on the list they are obliged to vote for a game you prefer.

Problem 2 : Where your asking

Probably one of the more obvious problems but isn’t really considered a problem. Where you ask is key to which game ultimately wins. You have the game awards voting on a site heavily dedicated to one particular genre of gaming obviously people visiting are fans of that particular genre and vote for that genre to win. Bring the poll to a site dedicated to one gaming platform and games on that platform will get lot more votes. Could tell a company their game is on your list of potential winners and they advertise the poll… The result would change based on where you asked.

Problem 3 : Fun or quality

This is one thing that rewards all fail on. Do we vote for fun or quality? Has a game won based on how much fun it is or the overall quality of the game? Fun is a key part for any game however when it comes to game awards there doesn’t seem to be much push for the fun part of gaming. Most polls are geared towards graphics if any sort of extra rewards besides usual ones. Seems kind of strange don’t have a reward based on how much fun a game is. Game spent most time playing doesn’t get a reward either. Very strange considering how both are key factors in actually buying a game.

Problem 4 : Played it yet?

The biggest and most overlooked problem in gaming awards. Have the people who voted for those games actually played those games? There is nothing to stop someone from voting for a game they haven’t played. While you may think that sounds silly but it happens all the time. I do same thing sometimes myself. Coming across a list of games haven’t played and being forced to vote in all sections to submit. Obviously going to vote for a familiar name even if haven’t played it at all. Some people would vote for a game that just on their console or even genre. Would event vote for the game played even if it’s not what would consider a great game. What about games they haven’t played and are on the list? Some of those games that may not have been heard of but are probably more deserving of an award get ignored.  Wouldn’t accept reviews based on what reviewer thought of the name or trailer. Awards should be same. The votes should be done by people who actually played said games not by random people voting for famous game names simply because they know the name.

Review – Nintendo Land (WiiU)

Nintendo Land is a collection of mini games based on various Nintendo franchises. The world is presented like a theme park with a huge bustling plaza filled with Miss from across the world. You can also fill the place with lots of fun prizes. Really gives it the whole theme park feel.

The Bad

2 of the games require motion plus support for non Gamepad play, not all of the games support full proper multi player mode and some don’t have a single player mode. This limits what you can play and can be annoying if you want to get everything.

Strange choices and odd absences of Nintendo series. One of the strangest is the absence of Star Fox. One of the biggest reasons why that is the inclusion of a Japanese only game and FZero which hasn’t had a sequel for a while now. Just seems a little on the strange side considering.

The OK

You can spend coins you earn playing the mini games to try to win prizes. You can’t control what prize you get and some prizes aren’t as impressive as others. Some of the prizes specially monster ones have an animation to go with it. Some have only 1 meanwhile other shave 3 maybe 4. Some prizes effect entire plazes. You get switches that change to day/evening/night and a joke box that plays music. None stay on when you enter and exit a mini game. Biggest issue is when a prize first appears s a ? block you aren’t directed towards it. You will want to get all the prizes regardless. They make the plaza so much more fun and better. Even though they are minor irks with them they are all still fun and interesting. Far superior to a huge empty plaza with train going around it.

Some of the games are easier or more difficult based on number of players and whether you’re using gamepad or not. While there are compensations when doing 2 player for VS games it’s still not the same level of difficulty as when playing with more people. In Co-op ones you don’t get one for 1 player for 2 of the games. If you have 3+ players the difficulty is more balanced. The biggest change in difficulty comes down to how well you work as a team though.

The Good

It can become insanely addictive. You will want to win all the prizes and replay all the mini games. It’s one of those games you don’t think you will enjoy till you get playing then your hooked and can’t stop. Just a few more coins to win this prize or just few more tries on this mini game. It is that kind of game.

3 of the games play much like mini versions of said series. Pikmin, Metroid and Zelda games respectively. I could easily see these games getting people to try out the actual full versions of those mini games. In a way it gives you a preview of what it might be like to play them on WiiU. In that way it is a better introduction to the gaming console the Wii Sports was for Wii.

All those Miis in the plaza just bring the whole thing to life. Watching them running around and eyeing up the prizes. It’s nice to see their comments they posted appear in game. Some have drawn really fantastic stuff. Makes me too embarrassed to even try to match their greatness.

The game isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s one of those games you look at and think you will win no problem. It will be so easy it takes you a weekend to finish it all. It’s all a deception. The game lures us all in with false sense of how easy it will be. This game can be very cruel at times. It’s by no means an easy game but it has that sort of difficulty that lulls you in because it’s not impossible. Not once have I felt any would be impossible so I keep trying and failing.

To Buy?

If you’re a Nintendo fan no reason not to pick this up. After something with variety which can play alone or with 4 others and potentially has long-term goals as well as shorter easier ones. This is a good game to play. If you really hate Nintendo you probably won’t consider this anyway.

Macross Frontier Series – 5 Reasons Why Sheryl Should Have Rejected Alto

When it comes to the Love Triangle we always want our favourite pairing to win. That said I’m perfectly fine with the pairing I want ultimately not being the final so long as everyone is happy at the end. When it comes to Macross Frontier series I thought of best way to describe my thoughts on the love triangle without sounding like I am being mean and one-sided. I am in search of ultimate happy end for the love triangle. So instead of going about this the usual way of saying who I think she end up with whom I’m going to say why Sheryl should have rejected Alto instead. Here are a list of reasons why Sheryl should have rejected Alto in the series.

5. Sheryl has Other Options

When it comes to ending love triangle I always love the idea of everyone finding love as crazy as that sounds. I don’t like concept of being Forever Alone. It’s depressing and not true in many cases. When it comes to choices Sheryl has at least a couple of other male bachelors waiting around the corner. Both of them have shown they can be much more reliable and helpful then Alto ever was towards Sheryl. One was even crucial in getting Sheryl back singing. In other words she should find someone better for her then Alto.

4. Someone to Depend on

While appearing strong on outside Sheryl really leans on others to get job done. Whether that is Grace, her fans or someone else. She is not type to wait around for someone. She doesn’t want the type to just keel over and follow her every command but she needs someone she can relay on. Alto is a pilot who favours sky first. Alto will not always be there next to Sheryl. She needs someone who can be. Asking Alto to just give up his sky is same as asking Sheryl to give up singing for the sake of their love. It’s not going to happen. However they could come to a compromise even if the relationship would always be somewhat unsteady.

3. Alto Found Strength in Song

As an Idol Sheryl’s song is meant to reach out and touch others. This should be true and more so for someone in love with her.  You would expect Alto to perform brilliantly when Sheryl sings. However when Sheryl sings alone Alto loses. It’s not until Ranka joins in or starts singing does he find strength and become a better pilot. This is really shown in later episodes where Alto is met with continual losses until Ranka starts signing again. In part you could argue that it was other factors going into those losses and Sheryl just had bad luck that when she was singing bad stuff happened. That is some really bad luck though.

2. Alto Never Asked to Hear Sheryl’s Song

Being an Idol Sheryl would expect her lover to listen to her music. He would go out of his way to listen to her song and see her perform. During entire series not once did Alto ask to hear Sheryl’s song. Not once did he go somewhere with specific reason to listen to her. First concert he attended he tried to one up Sheryl and even when carrying her he wasn’t that interested in her singing and spent it talking over her singing. It wasn’t until much later did he stop and listen to Sheryl singing while out walking. Even then he didn’t stop to listen to her song fully. Rest of time he heard her song wasn’t of his free will. It was either a coincidence or part of the job.

1. Thinking of Ranka

If there was any great reason to reject someone it is because they are thinking of another. If Alto has madly in love with Sheryl when it was just those two together alone his thoughts of Ranka would vanish. Even when he was alone with Sheryl and Ranka was gone his thoughts always drew back to Ranka. In fact he spent a lot of his time chasing after Ranka during parts of the series. During the final battle he even asks Sheryl to help him reach Ranka. It’s hard to believe that someone would put up with a guy who asks for help to save love rival. It’s even harder when you consider Sheryl was on death’s door at one point but instead of focusing entirely on her Alto includes Ranka in motivational speech as well. Ranka was OK at that moment.

Note: This only applies to series and not movies. Some of the points work for Ranka to reject Alto in movies and some moments didn’t happen at all in movies.