Macross Frontier Series – 5 Reasons Why Sheryl Should Have Rejected Alto

When it comes to the Love Triangle we always want our favourite pairing to win. That said I’m perfectly fine with the pairing I want ultimately not being the final so long as everyone is happy at the end. When it comes to Macross Frontier series I thought of best way to describe my thoughts on the love triangle without sounding like I am being mean and one-sided. I am in search of ultimate happy end for the love triangle. So instead of going about this the usual way of saying who I think she end up with whom I’m going to say why Sheryl should have rejected Alto instead. Here are a list of reasons why Sheryl should have rejected Alto in the series.

5. Sheryl has Other Options

When it comes to ending love triangle I always love the idea of everyone finding love as crazy as that sounds. I don’t like concept of being Forever Alone. It’s depressing and not true in many cases. When it comes to choices Sheryl has at least a couple of other male bachelors waiting around the corner. Both of them have shown they can be much more reliable and helpful then Alto ever was towards Sheryl. One was even crucial in getting Sheryl back singing. In other words she should find someone better for her then Alto.

4. Someone to Depend on

While appearing strong on outside Sheryl really leans on others to get job done. Whether that is Grace, her fans or someone else. She is not type to wait around for someone. She doesn’t want the type to just keel over and follow her every command but she needs someone she can relay on. Alto is a pilot who favours sky first. Alto will not always be there next to Sheryl. She needs someone who can be. Asking Alto to just give up his sky is same as asking Sheryl to give up singing for the sake of their love. It’s not going to happen. However they could come to a compromise even if the relationship would always be somewhat unsteady.

3. Alto Found Strength in Song

As an Idol Sheryl’s song is meant to reach out and touch others. This should be true and more so for someone in love with her.  You would expect Alto to perform brilliantly when Sheryl sings. However when Sheryl sings alone Alto loses. It’s not until Ranka joins in or starts singing does he find strength and become a better pilot. This is really shown in later episodes where Alto is met with continual losses until Ranka starts signing again. In part you could argue that it was other factors going into those losses and Sheryl just had bad luck that when she was singing bad stuff happened. That is some really bad luck though.

2. Alto Never Asked to Hear Sheryl’s Song

Being an Idol Sheryl would expect her lover to listen to her music. He would go out of his way to listen to her song and see her perform. During entire series not once did Alto ask to hear Sheryl’s song. Not once did he go somewhere with specific reason to listen to her. First concert he attended he tried to one up Sheryl and even when carrying her he wasn’t that interested in her singing and spent it talking over her singing. It wasn’t until much later did he stop and listen to Sheryl singing while out walking. Even then he didn’t stop to listen to her song fully. Rest of time he heard her song wasn’t of his free will. It was either a coincidence or part of the job.

1. Thinking of Ranka

If there was any great reason to reject someone it is because they are thinking of another. If Alto has madly in love with Sheryl when it was just those two together alone his thoughts of Ranka would vanish. Even when he was alone with Sheryl and Ranka was gone his thoughts always drew back to Ranka. In fact he spent a lot of his time chasing after Ranka during parts of the series. During the final battle he even asks Sheryl to help him reach Ranka. It’s hard to believe that someone would put up with a guy who asks for help to save love rival. It’s even harder when you consider Sheryl was on death’s door at one point but instead of focusing entirely on her Alto includes Ranka in motivational speech as well. Ranka was OK at that moment.

Note: This only applies to series and not movies. Some of the points work for Ranka to reject Alto in movies and some moments didn’t happen at all in movies.


2 thoughts on “Macross Frontier Series – 5 Reasons Why Sheryl Should Have Rejected Alto

  1. Reki says:

    As much as Alto deserved it for being so clueless and sometimes insensitive I don’t see how this could have been realistically pulled off (in an anime at least). I think what we got was the closes you can get if you wish to interpret it as a not-honest-with-self Alto being rejected by a Sheryl who understood this in episode 24.

    I just wish they had showed love as being a strength to all of them not a weakness (especially for Sheryl who lost all the traits I admired about her thanks to the love triangle but I blame Satelight for messing up her role so badly). They all really did care for each other regardless if only one pair was allowed to be romantic. I suppose they cared more about it being a dramatic with weak girls. -_-

    • angelfox22 says:

      I think it could have happened and would have made the story more interesting and unique. The only drawback would be fans who say he only choose other girl because that one rejected him. It would have to be done in a way that implies the girl who rejected was most likely going to get rejected. That part of the reason she rejects him is that she knows he doesn’t really love her but won’t go after real love interest because he feels that would upset her.

      That’s the biggest problem with series is there aren’t enough moments where three of them work together. Sheryl and Ranka had little time together on screen without Alto didn’t help much. It would have been nicer to see those two develop a strong friendship.

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