Review – Nintendo Land (WiiU)

Nintendo Land is a collection of mini games based on various Nintendo franchises. The world is presented like a theme park with a huge bustling plaza filled with Miss from across the world. You can also fill the place with lots of fun prizes. Really gives it the whole theme park feel.

The Bad

2 of the games require motion plus support for non Gamepad play, not all of the games support full proper multi player mode and some don’t have a single player mode. This limits what you can play and can be annoying if you want to get everything.

Strange choices and odd absences of Nintendo series. One of the strangest is the absence of Star Fox. One of the biggest reasons why that is the inclusion of a Japanese only game and FZero which hasn’t had a sequel for a while now. Just seems a little on the strange side considering.

The OK

You can spend coins you earn playing the mini games to try to win prizes. You can’t control what prize you get and some prizes aren’t as impressive as others. Some of the prizes specially monster ones have an animation to go with it. Some have only 1 meanwhile other shave 3 maybe 4. Some prizes effect entire plazes. You get switches that change to day/evening/night and a joke box that plays music. None stay on when you enter and exit a mini game. Biggest issue is when a prize first appears s a ? block you aren’t directed towards it. You will want to get all the prizes regardless. They make the plaza so much more fun and better. Even though they are minor irks with them they are all still fun and interesting. Far superior to a huge empty plaza with train going around it.

Some of the games are easier or more difficult based on number of players and whether you’re using gamepad or not. While there are compensations when doing 2 player for VS games it’s still not the same level of difficulty as when playing with more people. In Co-op ones you don’t get one for 1 player for 2 of the games. If you have 3+ players the difficulty is more balanced. The biggest change in difficulty comes down to how well you work as a team though.

The Good

It can become insanely addictive. You will want to win all the prizes and replay all the mini games. It’s one of those games you don’t think you will enjoy till you get playing then your hooked and can’t stop. Just a few more coins to win this prize or just few more tries on this mini game. It is that kind of game.

3 of the games play much like mini versions of said series. Pikmin, Metroid and Zelda games respectively. I could easily see these games getting people to try out the actual full versions of those mini games. In a way it gives you a preview of what it might be like to play them on WiiU. In that way it is a better introduction to the gaming console the Wii Sports was for Wii.

All those Miis in the plaza just bring the whole thing to life. Watching them running around and eyeing up the prizes. It’s nice to see their comments they posted appear in game. Some have drawn really fantastic stuff. Makes me too embarrassed to even try to match their greatness.

The game isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s one of those games you look at and think you will win no problem. It will be so easy it takes you a weekend to finish it all. It’s all a deception. The game lures us all in with false sense of how easy it will be. This game can be very cruel at times. It’s by no means an easy game but it has that sort of difficulty that lulls you in because it’s not impossible. Not once have I felt any would be impossible so I keep trying and failing.

To Buy?

If you’re a Nintendo fan no reason not to pick this up. After something with variety which can play alone or with 4 others and potentially has long-term goals as well as shorter easier ones. This is a good game to play. If you really hate Nintendo you probably won’t consider this anyway.


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