Rune Factory Frontier Diary – Week 1

This week starts with our main hero Raguna (can change his name) arrived in Trampoli to find a missing girl Mist. Mist saved his life in first game of the series. Your not required to play previous game and there is option to say you haven’t. After spending night in church run by the elderly Stella the next morning Mist happens to walk in. All the girls who are marriage candidates have own mini anime introduction clip. After this meeting Raguna finds himself a new home and farm to work on thanks to Mist basically tricking him in her own crazy way. The house is tiny with only really a bed and box to store stuff and while he has decent sized field it’s filled with stumps, rocks and weeds. There is no barn to speak of. Mist is kind enough to give us a couple of tools and some turnip seeds. Obviously she loves turnips and wants some from Raguna in particular.

Farm work can wait and so Raguna went around the village to meet everyone. First stop was church to see Stella although stopped to check the broken clock tower on way round.  Stella sent Raguna on a task to Turner at the Inn in business district. There we met Eunice his daughter and another marriage candidate. She looks chubby/fat and loves sweets. She often is cleaning the inn and hanging laundry to try. Turner her father is chubby too and her Rita mum works there too. Anyway after mistake of Raguna not being a guest Turner sends him out to blacksmiths next. The blacksmith of this game is lovely elf Ganesha and her son Marco lives with her. Now onto the local and only general store as Danny eagerly tells us. He sends poor Raguna off to meet with another local farmer Erik. Erik is nice enough although desperate for a girlfriend. He offers tips and advice on farming although he talks about turnips becoming monsters if left in field as season changes. Eric also sells seeds. Also living in that area is Kross. A depressed man living on his own and sings sad songs in the field. He is one that upgrades the farm. And so ends the little run around Raguna must do and sets to work on field. By that I mean he puts weeds in shipping box. Then ploughs some of the land to plant Mist’s turnip seeds before watering them. While Mist hangs out at farm. Around 5PM Rosetta walks in to take stuff out of shipping bin. She is Mists childhood friend/rival and merchant from town they came from. Much more down to earth then Mist. After taking the weeds and paying Raguna she leaves. So it’s off to bed for Raguna.

The following day Raguna gets a knock on the door and is met by Anette the local mail girl and some woollys (sheep monster). She hands Raguna some mail before leaving. Obviously it’s her welcome to town letter. Raguna get requests through mail as well mail he must respond to. Spent most of the day looking after field. Ploughing it some more before heading  off and saying hello to everyone. Not much else happened that day… Spent couple of days clearing field. It’s roughly 1/2 cleared and Eric rewards Raguna with a scythe to cut weeds but weeds are only source of income at moment. It’s the thought that counts. Stella also hands us an axe since there are twigs and stumps in field that need removing.
Few days into the week Stella tells Raguna about strange plant growing outside clock tower. Mist talks about strange dream of watering a plant and climbing it up to Whale Island. Putting the two together Raguna waters strange plant and climbs up onto the floating island. The Whale Island then asks Raguna to help. Seems whale is losing rune power and will crash. Raguna decides to help out Whale Island and further explores the island. On it he encounters monsters and then oddly enough Melody. Melody a marriage candidate is in search of a hot spring so she gives Raguna a hammer to smash wall. So he does. She’s happy enough and heads off to open up her bath house in Trampoli. A great place to recover RP and HP once a day. Further onto the island and Raguna exits the entrance cave and sees a mysterious girl watering some flowers and enter a tower. The tower is locked but with some field space obviously could grow some flowers and catch her attention. With no flower seeds Raguna leaves the island. The day after good few are talking about Raguna’s adventure on whale island. Ganesha doesn’t want Marco to go not that Raguna would take him. Few others are puzzled how Raguna got there and Stella notes the giant beanstalk.

Not long after Mist falls ill of course this is followed by Raguna collapsing the next day and meeting marriage candidate the nun and nurse Lara. Lara tells Raguna off and says she intends to stay because Raguna is reckless. Best not make her worry and collapse. Mist has since recovered from her one day cold and asks Raguna to clear her garden of weeds. Raguna can’t refuse her and so cuts the weeds and finds entrance to a dungeon. The dungeons also act as a greenhouse of a particular season. This one is Spring one so can grow Spring crop here year round. After a quick run through dungeon Raguna rests up for the night.

Not long after Mist decides to share a strange dream with Raguna. I mean she shares it not just tell Raguna about it. After leaving house Raguna meets a collapsed girl. Wanting water Raguna using his watering can. Thinking better of it her gets Lara. Back at church come hospital collapsed girl said her name is Selphy and forgot to eat but insists that’s normal. Lara convinces her to stay for health reasons. During normal rounds in village Raguna was told of Lute a travelling merchant he sells kitchens, forges and other home furnishings and upgrades. Raguna is given couple of books to get him started. One for cooking and one for upgrading tools. Lute only appears on a Holiday. A holiday happens at end/start of each week.

Holiday just so happens to be next day and Raguna sets off to meet the merchant. Seems Lute is really an artist but lacks funding. From Lute Raguna purchases a kitchen before heading off to kick trees with a hammer to get some cherries to sell and say hi to everyone. While on way round Raguna meets the wise old Kanno. Seems he is here to investigate the Runeys and dungeons. Further around Raguna heads back to Church district and enters the library to see Selphy will be staying there and reading books as well as selling them. Selphy is also a marriage candidate. Kind of strange because she looks a bit like Colette from Tales of Symphonia but has Haruhi ‘s English voice actress. At least it sounds a lot like her. Anyway after Rosetta buys stuff from Raguna’s shipping bin he heads back to buy more stuff from Lute. A forge to upgrade tools, weapons and make some accessories and frying pan along with a pot for kitchen.

And the week comes to the end. This week was really packed with events but it’s early in the game. Lots of characters to still meet and need to defeat first boss in the Spring Dungeon. Next week should be one filled with more adventures.


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