Rune Factory Frontier Diary – Week 2

Another week has ended for Raguna. It’s been full of excitement and new friends.

Raguna spent most of the week training in first dungeon. He is now level 11. He also made some accessories to wear. A belt, pendent and pair of glove type armour things. With boost in defence the monsters in dungeon do very little damage to Raguna now. He also got some books and new pharmacy to make potions. Although can’t make any much-needed health potions just yet. Made some rice balls in preparation for boss battle that will be happening at some point. The barn is now built which also means got first pet monster. The squirrel type one known as a Chitter which was named Ai for lack of a better name.

Kanno moaning about need for food has sent for his two grandchildren. Marriage candidate Cinnamon and her yuonger sister Candy. They come falling onto Raguna outside clock tower. Cinnamon is quiet and spends her time fishing or hanging around places. She gives Raguna a fishing rod so he can join in. Candy talks to spirits mainly known as the Runeys. She can create miracles by talking to them of course you need some before hand. She gives us the harvester for that reason. Harvester is also used for monsters that don’t work in field. Kanno also has taken Raguna on as his student. Raguna quickly finishes his first task and gets fire rod as a reward. The rod has special attack which is a fireball spell. Not right good at aiming attacks though.

Marco seems to have a thing for Candy. Hanging out with her and even blushing when she compliments his house. All very cute and innocent. Unfortunately Raguna not so innocent listened in to Candy and Cinnamon talking in the bath house. Evidently they don’t change appearance much as they age. He was so embarrassed form conversation he collapsed. Serves him right for listening in.

Raguna has also taken to going into Inn late a night to listen to the drunkards. Those being Ganesha, Stella and Turner. Turner keeps trying to drink loads but moans in morning he has drank too much. Ganesha was blushing and looked near passing out at one point. Stella seems to hold down her drink pretty well.

Mist continues to be Mist. She insisted on having a friendship token since Raguna has moved next door. Since Raguna looked silly in earrings I decided to give her them. She was wearing them and they did suit her a lot better than Raguna. One  day it was raining so she decided to hang out at Raguna’s house saying it was best thing to do on rainy days. She ended the week saying monsters would look after Raguna if he farmed in a cave. Of course Raguna already growing some grass and strawberries in first dungeon already.

Rosetta appears in Mist’s house. She has run off from home due to falling out with her father. Rosetta is showing her competitive side to us. She has already asked what Raguna thinks of Mist and even asks him to take her around town although she says that was a joke. Later in week comments on Raguna’s body. She also recounts tales of her and Mist as childhood freinds. Mist falling asleep and forgetting to meet up with her. It’s hard to be mad at Mist.

Near end of week Raguna bumps into marriage candidate Uzuki. She makes her entrance alongside her over protective companion the tiny Tsubute before disappearing on us. During Holiday she makes a reappearance confused as to where Raguna went off to. She’s from far east and is looking for her brother.

Not much else to comment on other characters this week.


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