List of Frustrating Elements in Video Games

Level Gap – When it comes to any game there is a point the challenge increases. You got near end of level or even the game and you’re not really struggling. In fact your probably skipping along to the music as you progress through level. The final part comes and boss or something like it appears. Suddenly your no more than an easily squashed bug on the floor. You can’t dent its armour and at best you may actually hit it. Even hitting its weakness is doing next to nothing. It’s frustrating when this occurs. The sudden spike makes no sense and doesn’t feel natural. It doesn’t happen with just monsters but with puzzles too. Sudden spike is just harsh and makes it feel like a punishment.

Bringing Back First Level Elements – When it comes to final dungeon you don’t expect to do exact same stuff you did to solve puzzles like in first dungeon. In fact by time you get there you probably forgot 1/2 stuff you did at start. It will be nothing more than a vague memory. Unless it’s a short game. There are some games that seem to like doing that. Bringing up older stuff just to see if you have good memory. I can imagine many would be confused as to what they are supposed to do. It’s not something they did throughout the game so it’s not high on list of possible solutions if it is on the list at all.

Save Locations – When it comes to saving your game you want a good selection of places to save and re-spawn from next time you play. Evidently there are some pretty bad places you can save or can’t. Just before final boss you expect a save point. A place you can rest up and restore health in relative safety. Likewise you expect a save point outside a dungeon or after a lengthy cut scene. Not all games seem to follow those rules though. Understandably a save spot before a boss battle gives away your coming to a boss battle. Having bigger restriction to only 1 location being able to save at makes things really annoying. Having to backtrack to that lone location makes it frustrating at times. Specially when you want a quick out or want to save before heading somewhere dangerous.

Item Collection – Nothing is more boring then collecting x amount of x object. I can understand a couple of sidequests requiring you to collect specific items but then you get games which require you to collect 50 of each item. There is a step too far. Worse still is when you collect tons of items and there is no way of knowing how important one item is compared to another. This means you could sell an item you only get once. Then you get games that let you collect items that you will only use the 1 of and the rest are useless. Then you got items that serve no purpose.

Bad Directions – When it comes to finding your way around it’s important to have a good map, compass and directions. Nothing worse than being given some obscure directions to find a something. Wondering around ages for something that is really important and you must find to complete the game isn’t exactly fun. Maps only sure the very basic information, no compass or a very vague information all hinder the traveller. Sometimes finding where you need to go is a puzzle on its own.

DLC – Every game should allow you to complete it without use of DLC. Whether that takes longer or is more difficult that’s fine. Having to buy stuff to complete the game is silly. Unfair on the gamer. We expect full and complete gaming experience not one you have to pay for to see end of. What’s worse is when you get DLC to find that in-game you have better or equivalent stuff in-game already. Nothing is added to the game except a re-textured object. If there was more to it then that that’s fair enough but if it’s not actually adding anything to the game why do you have to pay for it?


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