Macross Frontier – Why combining series and movies is good for Ranka and bad for Sheryl

A lot of Sheryl fans would love to see series and movies combined purely because of movies end. They desire to have Alto x Sheryl but with series happy end. At first I felt annoyed by this until I messed around a bit on iMovie Maker. Combining clips form series and movies. Originally over lapping them to show how depressing triangle is. During this course I decided as a joke due to similarities combined the series and movie moments to create a combined one. This proved to have interesting results. (Click to play the video.)

To start with we will go for Ranka’s rescue concert. Both series and movies feature a moment Ranka heads off to rescue someone she cares deeply for by singing. In the movies this was Sheryl however in series it was primarily for Alto. Now combining the two is tricky. While the obvious thing is to rescue both this would mean Alto wasn’t part of the rescue party like in the series as a result we would end up just following the series. Having it primarily a Sheryl rescue doesn’t work either. That was movies main focus. So the solution is a weird one.


As you can see the only way to combine them both is to have a random goth Lolita that looks shockingly like Alto attempt to rescue Alto during Ranka’s concert. Sheryl while both in series and movies she was captured she has no purpose in the combined rescue. The goth Lolita has no reason to rescue Sheryl as that would follow movie events and Alto can’t rescue Sheryl because he is also captured.

Moving on we got the pre final battle. During pre final battle one of the girls sings alongside side Alto battling. In series this was done by Sheryl who went up against a fake Ranka. In movies this was done by Ranka with no fakes around. Alto in both gives up towards the end and the girl who sang during pre final battle is upset over Alto’s loss. In the series Ranka was rescued at this point and sang encouragement, healed Sheryl and was reunited with the other two. In movies Sheryl sang encouragement and was reunited with both Alto and Ranka. Problem with combining the two comes down to Ranka and where she is during the pre battle. If you have her in fake Ranka that would be just following the series and likewise having her singing with Alto just makes it like the movie. While having them both sing during pre final battle sounds like a good idea it would be equivalent of pressing skip button. The solution is as follows.


A Ranka vs Ranka pre battle which leads to Alto rescuing Ranka and being reunited with her. Sheryl again loses out. Since she is not there to sing at beginning nor is she the one missing she has no part to play within the combined story.  If she sang later it would be like the movies. At best she may appear during final battle as an onlooker.

The final part is the ending. The primary goal for all Sheryl x Alto fans. This is by far most interesting. During the movie final battle Ranka is left alone, Sheryl in coma and Alto is MIA. One of the side pairings are now together unlike in series. In series all three are together but one pairing is permanently separated. Now going with the Sheryl x Alto fans Alto must have confessed to Sheryl and gone MIA as well as best happy end for all other pairings. This leaves Ranka alone and Sheryl in coma. So far this isn’t really a combination of the two. There is only one solution left to us…


Starting similar vain to movies it eventually merges with series towards the end. Yes that means even though Alto confessed to Sheryl it is Luca that goes to her instead. However having both Ranka and Sheryl OK would have made it follow the series even with Alto MIA. It would also defeat the purpose of why Sheryl x Alto fans want to combine them both if Alto was MIA. This leaves us with Sheryl in coma while Alto flies around with Ranka on looking.  Since no one else was hurt Luca like in series then goes to the hospital to visit Sheryl.


4 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – Why combining series and movies is good for Ranka and bad for Sheryl

  1. Reki says:

    It is amusing that Sheryl would probably get cut out of everything if they just literally merged the two works together. I mean Sheryl would have to be because Ranka is critical to the plot and the two were swapped. However to be fair I think you could make a case for Sheryl and Ranka scenes in some of these with less focus on Alto, just have him fly around on his own at the end. XD

    It’s just interesting though when you think about it all overall, there is just so much fan want and desire for Alto x Sheryl but yet at the core (where shippers never go) it just goes all against them like they were never meant to be.

    But I think if you want to properly merge the two works you should keep the core of the tv series plot intact while merging elements of the movies. The tv series was closer to what macross f was about with like the vajra for example being in the center of the plot rather than random enemies they see a few times.

    I’ve considered writing a story that I think truly reflects this and what Macross F is about while combing both series and keeping it an a movie format. But this would take an incredible amount of time I would not put forth unless there was a lot of people who wanted to see it so the what I consider true story will stay in my head for now.

    • angelfox22 says:

      Problem is finding balance between two versions. Some parts you could remove Alto like for example Ranka’s Birthday present could be for Sheryl meanwhile Alto flies off to some strange planet during this time. It’s easy to simply take out parts and add them to series/movies an actual combination would use equal parts of both. Which for a lot of parts wouldn’t work.

      I have a variation of Macross F inside my head but there is no point writing it down. It mostly follows the series but Sheryl’s development is bit better done and has a different result. Needless to say everyone is happy and no one is forever alone.

      • Reki says:

        Sorry this is so long but I need to go a little off topic here, this is something that gets to the core of my frustration with this series is what we need for a happy end. Sure I think no one being alone at the end is a perfectly fine happy end but I feel like it’s not the best ending. It’s the sort of thing that we all decided that whoever alto chooses is the winner and the loser has to go home sad but I disagree.

        What I think would have been best is if Sheryl had learned that she didn’t need love to be happy in the TV series, the idea that she NEEDS Alto makes her a weak character imo and one that will never truly be happy in the imaginary canonverse whether Alto chooses her or not. Now I believe she didn’t end this way in the TV series because that was the point of their meeting where Ranka cures her where they show her they are her friends you are not alone. The whole wings line would’ve been perfect after Sheryl came to terms with Alto’s feelings. So the funny thing is is if that is wrong and Alto choose Sheryl in the TV series it makes her a cheap character to me.

        On the flip side I believe Ranka never needed love like Sheryl was shown to have, she was able to leave Alto behind to do what she thought was right which is why I feel Ranka was better off being with Alto at the end of the TV series. She over came her problems on her own and was not in a needy position. They basically ruined the payoff this series deserved and was not able to remotely do it in the movie.

        Movie-wise it’s harder to say about all this because they did a horrible job developing the love triangle and it really had no purpose. But that is what I hate about deciding the triangle then at the end like that. Ranka didn’t gain what I believe Sheryl would have by losing Alto, she never was shown to come to terms with it. They just said it’s over now go home sad, this is horrible and cheap thrills writing imo made worst by the idea Ranka was just a complete angel who immediately started supporting the two. It never should have been decided if they couldn’t do it in the TV series where it was better suited for Sheryl to be rejected and still make her content and the viewers satisfied.

        It’s been shown in other Kawamori works as well this is how he often does things, the person loses the love triangle but gains something important in the process. Heck I would’ve been fine with the movie end if they had just ended the love triangle in the TV series and made the two more parallel to each other so you could imagine this idea from that. So while I think it’s great for everyone to be paired up I think I would rather have Sheryl gain something more than love at the end, something like a new home and close friends so that next time she can love without being needy and depressed about it. That is one of the possible ends to my version, the other just being we never find out who he chooses just that he did.

      • angelfox22 says:

        My idea of forever alone is slightly different then just the character having a romantic relationship from get go. That person is at least with good freinds and has possibility of finding new love interest within them. Most importantly of all is how that the characters are happy at end. They have all gained something and realised something important. In series this was set up to be: Sheryl realising she loved singing. Alto finds himself. Ranka realises she loves Alto and importance of her own song.

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