Why I Don’t Like Idea of Star Fox Reboot

Before I begin I would like to make this clear. I like the StarFox series. I don’t just really like 1 game in the series I like them all for various reason. I also don’t like certain parts of them. I like to daydream how I would remake the games and what I would do to make them more fun. However I appreciate the series for what it is and enjoy all the games. Although I have yet to play original StarFox.

What Does a Reboot Actually Mean

  1. Gameplay Refinement
  2. Fresh New Start for Story
  3. Removal of Certain Elements

Why This Could be Bad

Gameplay Refinement doesn’t sound too bad. Until you consider this might not make the series like your favourite game within it. They could easily decide to use your most hated game in series as base for the rebooted series. That’s if they use a game from the series. No one needs to be that confined when doing a reboot.

Fresh start for the story has potential. Could easily explain things better or even remove the entire story for a completely different one. Why use anything from current story for a reboot? If they are rebooting it might as well start completely new instead or relaying on the older story right? Note the sarcasm.

Removing parts you don’t like sounds great. However it’s easy to over look one thing. Reboot could easily remove parts or elements you want to keep in favour of the ones you wanted the series to drop or with it never had. You have to take both sides in order to fully understand what a reboot might hold.

Reboot Sequel

Now this is where things get even worse. StarFox Series has been passed around quite a bit. Part of the issues with series comes from that. The biggest problem with any reboot is what happens after the reboot. It’s easy enough to forget that you obviously want more than one game. Following through with a reboot has its issues.  No one can plan for every game that will ever be made for the series. You can have vague ideas of where the series might go but if you’re not handling the entire series whatever benefit you hoped a reboot might bring will be lost in the sequel or prequel.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of what may have been is one thing but actually saying they should reboot it and lose everything we have in favour of something potentially no one likes I don’t think is the answer. There are too many unknowns with a reboot. I feel the risk is too great. There is no guarantee you will get what you want out of it. Potentially we could end up with StarFox’s Nintendo Land Heroes (a pun on Skylanders being a Spyro reboot). Really think hard about what you want from the series and is it really worth risking everything (and I mean everything) for a reboot that may not be what your after?


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