Adding content to games

I find myself drawn to the subject of adding stuff into games. It’s very interesting topic and a fun one at that. We all thought of adding something into the game but hardly anyone looks that deeply at it and considers all the angles for doing such a thing. When it comes to adding in anything the first thing that should be considered is the gameplay reasoning. For me this has became my sole reasoning behind wanting or not wanting adding stuff to games.

If your adding something in it has to be meaningful in my view. I know good few that look at the plot as a reasoning for adding something. Adding something for the sake of plot sense. Fair enough there are stuff that are purely for plot reasons. These items are for decoration or as a reward. It’s not like they would drastically change how you played the game. Adding something for a plot excuse just seems like a waste of time and energy. The amount of effort that would go into adding something that would only serve as a minor plot interest is a huge waste.

So to start with you need to consider the gameplay reasoning. Gameplay reasoning is really a bunch of questions relating to gameplay you have to be able to answer.

  • Would it be a fun addition? – The most difficult to answer but the one you must consider the most. No point adding something if it’s going to distract from enjoyment of the game.
  • Would it have a unique use within the game? – Something that is over looked. No point spending ages adding something only to find you could have just used something else already in game. It’s annoying finding yourself having to work on something to find someone else has already done so.
  • Would it be a benefit? You may think something would be a great addition but you need to consider whether this would actually benefit the game itself. The actual benefits of the addition itself. What the game get and what the player get out of the addition.
  • How much of the game would be changed and would it be worth it? – One of those questions gamers don’t consider. If your adding something in you have to change the game to incorporate it. No matter how tiny it is your still making changes for it to be in there. The amount of effort needed to add something in must be sequel or less then the worth of the addition.

Probably a ton of other stuff to consider as well. I just felt the need to get this out there.