Hyper Japan

First time I went to Hyper Japan was last year during Summer. It wasn’t as busy as MCM Expo but it was also less about anime and video games and more about Japan itself. This made it a much more refreshing event. I got to see live concert which I really enjoyed.


Second time I went to the Hyper Japan Christmas and first time cosplayed at event. Cosplaying is a lot of fun but stressful when trying to get ready. Depending on outfit chosen and character cosplaying as depends on amount of attention you get. I went as Ranka Lee but wore her newish and fairly unknown dress. I wasn’t recognised by many. During event I got chance to play WiiU which was a lot of fun. This time around I feel much more push for market side of things. It was also a lot busier but I think this is because event has gotten lot more attention and there was less competition due to timing of events. Both events could have done with more seats around the stage area. Annoying this time around I couldn’t enter cosparade because of timing of event. I have to leav fairly early to catch train home. If I was to go to another event in London I would probably stay over weekend at a hotel so I can fully enjoy the event.

My loot from this time around…


Miku Art Book, Vocaloid mini racing figures, stuffed llama, Kingdom Hearts Dream Eater Meow Wow, Final Fantasy Playing Cards, Clamp keyring and badges, Neo Mug, Owls on Moon, Sweets and Drink


The Miku art book is really pretty. They had others there but this one has some really pretty artwork. Some full-page coloured manga no text but it was really gorgeous. It has some other vocaloids too but it was mostly Miku. The Miku racing mini figures I really cute. There are couple or problems though. The car needs you to cut out the decals so it’s blank white. It was also a huge pain to put them together with their items. Already damaged one but can’t really tell. They are cute and have a good amount of accessories though. Best part is they use same stand parts as my Choco Minto Macross F figures. If I wanted to could use the podium for them instead.


The drink was really nice. Supposedly Strawberry is best flavour but was sold out. I got Orange instead. Really yummy.


These chocolates…. If you buy some you won’t like them so send them to me instead. I’ll eat them. 🙂



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