Why I Don’t Like Idea of Star Fox Reboot

Before I begin I would like to make this clear. I like the StarFox series. I don’t just really like 1 game in the series I like them all for various reason. I also don’t like certain parts of them. I like to daydream how I would remake the games and what I would do to make them more fun. However I appreciate the series for what it is and enjoy all the games. Although I have yet to play original StarFox.

What Does a Reboot Actually Mean

  1. Gameplay Refinement
  2. Fresh New Start for Story
  3. Removal of Certain Elements

Why This Could be Bad

Gameplay Refinement doesn’t sound too bad. Until you consider this might not make the series like your favourite game within it. They could easily decide to use your most hated game in series as base for the rebooted series. That’s if they use a game from the series. No one needs to be that confined when doing a reboot.

Fresh start for the story has potential. Could easily explain things better or even remove the entire story for a completely different one. Why use anything from current story for a reboot? If they are rebooting it might as well start completely new instead or relaying on the older story right? Note the sarcasm.

Removing parts you don’t like sounds great. However it’s easy to over look one thing. Reboot could easily remove parts or elements you want to keep in favour of the ones you wanted the series to drop or with it never had. You have to take both sides in order to fully understand what a reboot might hold.

Reboot Sequel

Now this is where things get even worse. StarFox Series has been passed around quite a bit. Part of the issues with series comes from that. The biggest problem with any reboot is what happens after the reboot. It’s easy enough to forget that you obviously want more than one game. Following through with a reboot has its issues.  No one can plan for every game that will ever be made for the series. You can have vague ideas of where the series might go but if you’re not handling the entire series whatever benefit you hoped a reboot might bring will be lost in the sequel or prequel.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of what may have been is one thing but actually saying they should reboot it and lose everything we have in favour of something potentially no one likes I don’t think is the answer. There are too many unknowns with a reboot. I feel the risk is too great. There is no guarantee you will get what you want out of it. Potentially we could end up with StarFox’s Nintendo Land Heroes (a pun on Skylanders being a Spyro reboot). Really think hard about what you want from the series and is it really worth risking everything (and I mean everything) for a reboot that may not be what your after?


My 2012 Awards

Don’t Want it to End 2012 – The Last Story

When it comes to The Last Story I wish it was longer. I really feel this game should have been longer. It is just so much fun and story plays such huge importance to the game. I completed the game over a weekend and wish there was lots mroe to do. At best can replay dungeons or online modes but I want more story based dungeons. Want to know more of this world.

Please Move on 2012 –  Macross Frontier

As much as I like Macross Frontier I feel it’s getting to point of stupidity now. In particular with Sheryl Nome. She’s basically slapped on everything and gets most attention out of all the characters from series. Her pairing with Alto seems too over used now that it’s annoying. I’m just getting fed up of attention she gets and really wish we could move on. Although this could be me as a Ranka fan just wanting more Ranka stuff and less Sheryl stuff. XD

Please Don’t Forget 2012 – Pandora’s Tower

Out of three major JRPGs localised for Wii by Nintendo Pandora’s Tower feels neglected. The game is a lot of fun and offers a darker theme. It’s not same type of RPG as other two which is why people shouldn’t compare them. The timer is nothing to really worry about and Elena is a lot of fun to interact with. It’s also one of the few RPGs on Wii that actually use Wiimote in a meaningful way and not just as a normal controller. Please don’t forget about this game.

Missing One 2012 – Star Fox

I love Star Fox series. Normally we at least get some sort of minor mention but it’s been quiet for too long. Last Star Fox game we got was a remake in 2011. WIth no Star Fox attraction in Nintendo Land we are all waiting in hope something at least a little Star Fox related appears. Hopefully this year there will be something new Star Fox related.

Most Played 2012 – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

It’s a great game to pick up and play now and then which is probably why I play it so much. The Dark notes are addictive and the music I know of. Since listen to mostly Japanese and gaming music most other music games just don’t interest me. It’s also one few music games I am actually OK at. There is no way I can do the harder difficulty ones. It took me 15+ attempts on lowest difficulty of Dark Notes.

Most Random Fun 2012 – AKB0048

When it comes to concept it sounds crazy. It’s rebel space idols with micsabers and mechas to put simply. The concert scenes range from almost normal to combat idol battling against army who are trying to put an end to entertainment. The fact the series also promotes real life idol group called AKB48 you would be forgiven for thinking this would be complete rubbish. It’s not. It’s a great deal of random fun.

Most Wanted to be Localised 2012 – Project Mirai

When it comes to other games I feel a bit safer in regards to their localisation. Project Mirai is music game starring vocaloids. The style is done as uber cute chibi or nendoroid style. It’s first Vocaloid game that Gumi has appeared in. Some of music videos have been redone for 3D. Needless to say I always wanted to try out a vocaloid game and this cute one looks perfect for me. However no word on game ever getting localised.

Best New Monsters 2012 – Dream Eaters from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

I really wanted to give this game a reward. This is was best I could think of. I feel some people are too hard on the game. I haven’t played all Kingdom Hearts games and I don’t find this game confusing. maybe people relay too much on their memories of the games as opposed to reading what this game has put about them. Choosing to skip cut scenes and not read reports. This game is heaps of fun. I really like Dream Eaters. I like their quirky nature and the way Sora teams up with them. I find their designs are a lot of fun and most unusual when it comes to collecting monster type systems.

Best Multiplayer Fun 2012 – Nintendo Land

When it comes to having fun with others Nintendo Land is just heaps of it. It wouldn’t be the same if it was online multiplayer or played on my own. The game really shines through when played with others. Unfortunately it makes playing single player a bit difficult to do. Once you experienced how much more fun it is with others hard to look back at single player.

Best localization 2012 – Harvest Moon 3DS Tale of Two Towns

When it comes to localizations it can be worth the wait. Especially in case of this 3DS port of DS game. In American release this game was plagued with issues and bugs. European release it was saw fit to have bug fixes. No lag and random crashes for us. We like to thank the American beta testers for their work in finding these glitches so that us European players can get much-needed bug fixes.

Happy Ending 2012 – Aquarion EVOL

From the premonitions, love triangles and previous series ending this was aiming for potentially a huge bad end. For a light-hearted mecha series it would have been disappointing specially with the themes of defeating ones destiny. Ultimately what we get is one super happy end for all. Love triangle dissolved without sad rejected characters at end. Everyone moving on and building a happier world. Whether or not you feel about the end pairing everyone was happy. Which is more than what can be said of other series and movies.

Star Fox Adventures Little Known Facts

When it comes to StarFox Adventures I am sure I have played the game to death. I played the game and checked every aspect of it. I looked into earlier version of the game which shows interesting changes not to mention the biggest being the swapping of some characters to ones from  StarFox series and addition of few other StarFox stuff like Arwings. These are a few bits I found during my playtime or by looking at older version of the game. I was thinking of adding more but I feel this is already too much.


Playing as Krystal

When Krystal is at Krazoa palace the EarthWalkers there will actually warn Krystal of an Evil in the Palace which is referencing the Final Boss.  Hidden behind some crates on outside of Krazoa Palace at the bottom part just before the entrance there is a ladder which leads to a hidden Bafomdad. In the Krazoa shrine the water where Krazoa is has been lowered so Krystal doesn’t swim. Also during the cut scene when krystal complete Krazoa test it’s possible a second Krazoa spirit will appear in background that was part of the test. Finally it’s possible to grab some of the explosives and destroy a patrolling SharpClaw that is one other side of water force field in same location as where first Krazoa is returned.

Princess Kyte

Princess Kyte was originally the sidekick for Krystal when game was previously called Dinosaur Planet. You can see her in some artwork and some videos do have her on. She is a baby CloudRunner and is similar to Princes Tricky. When StarFox Adventures was released many jumped to conclusion that Princess Kyte was changed to an adult male CloudRunner that helped Krystal at the start and later on Fox rescues him. This is incorrect. In one of the earliest footage shown of the game when Krystal arrives at General Scale’s Galleon she arrives on said CloudRunner then proceeds to question General Scales on where he is holding Princess Kyte. A text dump that emerged form the game full confirms the actual princess Kyte is the baby CloudRunner on the Galleon and later on is trapped at CloudRunner Fortress. If rescued on first save Fox can play the CloudRunner Flute to get a Bafomdad.

Prince Tricky

Good few players find Prince Tricky annoying because he talks too much however this may be caused by their neglect. Not feeding Tricky will cause him to moan about food.While palying with the ball seems like hard work actually the changes in colour can change how much he talks and what about. It also changes how close he is to action during a battle. Playing with the Ball can also trigger some weird stuff. Stepping up onto a higher platform when Tricky gets the ball causes him to freeze. Later some really high cliff like locations if you throw the ball down Tricky will take too long to get to the ball and as a result the ball disappears however if Fox remains more or less still Tricky doesn’t reappear. Strangest of all is that Tricky is pretty much invincible. Only Fox can actually deal him damage which can lead to Fox getting attacked by him. Barrels falling down on him will do no damage and there will be just red sparks.

Slippy’s Help

When Fox first arrived on planet we are told about the helpful Pause/Start menu by General Pepper. During course of the game a grey circle appears in middle and there is a bleeping sound. Actually this is part of the game where it insists you look at Start?Pause Menu and in Particular Slippy’s Help which is what comes up by default during those times. You can also bring up Slippy’s Help during most of the game. Interestingly enough during the 3rd/4th Krazoa return Slippy will actually ask how Krystal is doing. Which explains how later on Fox was able to know who Krystal was. How Slippy knew is a mystery but it might have something to do with PDA. As during one point when Fox loses the staff it describes it as Krystal’s Staff as opposed to a Staff.

Fox Visiting Early

While a lot of the game’s story and game world is structured to prevent much deviation it is still possible to visit a location earlier. For example it’s possible to enter LightFoot village before the whole Fox gets tricked incident. The LightFoot tribe can be heard chanting. Another place is Moon Mountain Pass which you can visit before Dino Talk translator is fully working. The SharpClaws won’t talk in Dino Talk though. Fox can also travel back to Ice Mountain and another SharpClaw racer is waiting for him. You can have as many races as you want but as far as I know there is no reward other than watching disappointed SharpClaws. Likewise you can retake the LightFoot tests to beat your time and also travel back to earlier shards although only Walled City and Dragon Rock can be explored.


At the start of the game the ThornTail that is at entrance to CapeClaw is not there. The Mother ThornTail will comment on hearing girl’s cries coming from the WarpStone even Fox never hears that voice. Sometimes ThornTails will comment on a really bad storm and a flying ship. Both are references to Krystal. In the well is a crazy ThornTail. If Fox goes into well without the Lantern he will refuse to move out-of-the-way. If you have the Lantern and its empty he will still let you pass even though Lantern is useless. It is also the only tribe where all it’s members appear to be the same.


Very few of the tribes have balanced male to female ratio. The only tribe that has some sort of balanced is LightFoot tribe. The SharpClaw and HighTops have no apparent female members. Couple of other Dinosaurs appear to have no other tribe members at all. They would be the Shop Keeper and Gradabug. SnowHorn tribe is only tribe that has both a ruler type female and a minor one. If you’re wondering how the tribes built some of the locations on the planet they didn’t. It was built by the Krazoas. The Blue SnowHorn is an oddity for many reasons. Most strangest of them all is regarding the Golden Root. It was stolen by the Shop Keeper but the Shop Keeper says out loud now and then that been trying to sell the goods in the shop for 200 years.  Which leads us to the question of how old to the Dinosaurs live for.


Most of the monsters you encounter have names. If you have PDA on item description you can see the name of the monsters so long as you can target them. Only a few remain nameless simply because can’t be targeted. The BribeClaw is only enemy Fox can’t attack however Tricky will react normally and can even use Flame command to attack them. It does no damage though.



On GreatFox is a poster on the wall featuring a female fox character. No clear shots can be had during game cut scenes or before starting the game. This is a little eye catch and has no purpose. It once caused a huge debate on what it actually was with many attempting to take a decent picture of it during the game. Now there is a high quality picture of it available around somewhere.

Dinosaur Horn

During the game Fox receives a Horn that when used on glowing pad calls forth a SnowHorn. Using the PDA to show item description rather than the map reveals the Horn can be used to summon EarthWalkers as well. A further description within the Start/Pause Menu describes the Horn as one used to summon friendly Dinosaurs. During the course of the game you never use it to summon anything other than SnowHorns. I can only guess the glowing pads where you mount an EarthWalker later on were intended spots to summon the EarthWalker.

Auto Sort

All items Fox collects are automatically sorted in his inventory. This means regardless of order you get the items they are put into correct place straight away. Which actually leads to a bit of confusing regarding Cheat Tokens. If you want a specific thing to unlock you will need that specific Cheat Token. Most people who think it doesn’t matter collected them all before putting them into well. The Cheat Tokens aren’t sorted in order of which you collect first nor does the Well reward you based on number you put in.

Fire Tree

One part of the game the ThornTails Beacons need to be relit. This involves getting some Fire Weeds. However this is only part of the game Fox need that item. Might be worried you end up having to carry them around with you entire game. However not long after said event if Fox has any extra in his bag they will simply disappear. There is no sign of them in inventory nor was there any point the items where Fox removes the items or any sort of clue as to what happened to them.

Fuel Cell

During course of the game Fox needs Fuel Cells to get to the Shards of the planet. There seems to be an unlimited amount of these you can carry. Some believe there is no limit to this amount. The limit what I have read (never actually reached it) is 255. Fox does need that many. Most of the other items he collects have a much lower limit.

99% Complete

Can only save the game at 99% complete at most. However it’s possible to miss out on Staff Power Upgrades which add to %. Which also explains the oddity of Fox’s staff power meter during intro trailer but some of the staff powers require more magic then beginning meter provides. Some say you can skip on the Goggles as well. Meaning you can finish at a lower %. Most of the other stuff you must get to complete the game. While general pepper does mention a bonus if you leave a planet shard before completion this isn’t the 1%. There is no bonus.

Planet + Shards

When on the Map screen before you head over to the Shards or the planet you can see where the Shards would fit on the planet. Some of the shards are in places you can view in-game or at least connects to. One of these places is at ThornTail Hollow which connects to Walled City. It is located behind Queen EarthWalker. CloudRunner Fortress’ location can be seen at Cape Claw. None of these places show signs of planet falling apart. The Shards themselves show no sign of being separate from the planet other than limited view range. Oddly enough you can see a moon at night.

Different Versions

Logo Changes

The game has many different logos. Dinosaur Planet one which is before StarFox changes/swap overs. StarFox Adventures Dinosaur Planet which features the StarFox badge which is worn by members of StarFox team during the game. Then finally StarFox Adventures. Also a rare StarFox 2 logo featuring the planet not sure if that was fan made or not. The three logos are probably connected to at least 3 versions of the game. Dinosaur Planet for N64 then the version where StarFox was just added. This version had normal chests and Fox talking to EarthWalkers at Krazoa Palace. Then the final version.

Cheat Token Change

In the PAL version of the game the Cheat Token that unlocks Dino Talk was changed. It shows some text instead of unlocking the cheat. It goes something like  “You two were meant to be together…”. I think it was referring to Krystal and Fox. I have no idea why the PAL version of the game had this mode removed.

Japanese Version

If you grab Japanese footage of the game the game will still be voiced in English. The game official Japanese site also had a manga of what happened just before Adventures. The official site also revealed Krystal’s Telepathy although it was never detailed in Adventures and was later revealed in sequel game Assault. There was also a gag manga released for the game. Both have mangas fan translations.

Video Games – How do they know that?

When it comes to video games there are often moments where a character will say or ask for something that they should have no knowledge about. These are some that has really stuck out for me. Probably more but just can’t remember them at the moment.

Xenoblade – Colony 6 Rebuild

When rebuilding the Colony you have to locate a lot random items found throughout the game. However what most people fail to think about is how they know such items exist and where to get them. While some  May have been to that place there are a lot of items they should not know about. Even if we go by word of mouth type thing this leaves us with weird question of who told them about said items in first place. Perhaps  an even bigger mystery is the choice of items. Some of them just don’t sound like they would be all that useful in rebuilding anything. From a selection of randomly found items they build a whole row of houses. They could be trading the items but they also ask for money too. I guess we will never figure it out.

StarFox Adventures – Krystal’s Name

The biggest mystery in the game has to be how Fox knew who Krystal was during his encounter with a CloudRunner while on Dragon Rock shard. Many wonder how this could be. Meanwhile those of us who are curios and actually bothered to look at Slippy’s help (whether prompted to look or not) are asking how Slippy knew Krystal’s name. During return trip with one of the Krazoas pausing menu and going into Slippy’s help brings up a nice bit of text asking how Krystal is before you even head to Dragon Rock. This ties in with how they knew staff was Krystal’s as well. Most of the time have map on bottom screen once you brought it. However one of the alternate options is to bring up a description of said item. This wields interesting results at times. When having this mode on and your next to the staff (not holding it or in rucksack) your promptly told this is Krystal’s staff. We will never know how they got this information… Well actually someone found a text dump in the game that reveals baby CloudRunner(who was intended to be Princess Kyte) and was supposed to tell Fox. Since that never happened in-game we are left to wonder.

GuildWars Prophecies – Random Enemies

Potentially a really weird experience regarding enemies. Enemies are location-based as opposed to being story based. One of the good/bad points of this game is that you can skip to a location and find yourself at a different time within the story. Most of the time not a huge issue however during Prophecies you ally yourself with White Mantle. Prior to finding the next spot of co-op mission it’s very easy to find yourself at an outpost where just outside they attack you. Very strange occurrence specially if you aren’t aware of a plot twist that’s about to take place… Or should I say has because you skipped it.

Nameless Random NPCs

I could go on for ages about random NPCs that know or talk about stuff not yet happened. If I could be bothered to look for them all. Often these guys are ignored so it’s easy to understand why I can’t remember all of them. That and there are too many of these types to really have one that stands out. Most of them are in older RPGs as well.

Bonus – Remember already!

The opposite of knowing stuff they shouldn’t do is when you get characters no matter what is happening say the same stuff. This happens in pretty much every RPG. The town greater will always welcome you to the town no matter what happens or how long you have been in said town. It’s kinda amusing that at one point in Tales of Symphonia you can talk to people on a pilgrimage to a place that’s destroyed. I can only assume they will be staring at ruins from safe distance.

Top 10 games I would want a sequel to but probably will never get one


10. Luminous Arc 4

As strategy games go I enjoyed the games light-hearted adventures. The witches looked great too. It’s unfortunate the 3rd game and Arc Rise Fantasia didn’t get released in Europe. Even so I would like to see 4th game. More crazy and fun witches. Lots of random funny dialogue and abilities. Can always release 3 and 4 together in some sort of package for outside of Japan right?

9. Tales of Symphonia 3

Really asking for it but even so would still want another sequel to Tales of Symphonia. Even if it was just so I could play as Colette once more. Just one more time to explore world of Symphonia. Just to finally sort everything out and see the world move onto a brighter and happier tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind the monster system returning either.

8. Avalon Code 2

The world is ending so you get a book that lets you alter stuff. Make people happy, change monsters so hopefully they are weaker, change armour so you get fairy wings and weapons you can change too. All the while you prepare to create a new world with words you gathered in the book. Also a side dating system added in for good measure. Would like to play sequel with more options and maybe add-on dictionary for all the words you get.

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers 2

This game was so much fun. While not Final Fantasy or a Crystal Chronicles game makes it a hugely under rated/appreciated game I would still like to see a sequel. The ability to mess around as much as you could in this game was just so much fun. Just thinking of a larger world with more stuff to mess around with just sounds like a lot of fun. However unlikely it is to happen.

6. Muramasa Demon Blade 2

Hand drawn sprites and crazy amounts of action not to mention the adorable white foxes… Do I really need to go much deeper into why I would want a sequel for this game? I mean some of the endings could easily take us off into side games. I would like to see mixture of both characters ending 2. Seeing them become Demon Blade hunters with cute white fox companion would be fantastic. Did I mention the cute whites foxes..?

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King 2

One of the best games on Wiiware. You play as a King of a Final Fantasy town based on Crystal Chronicles series. While lacking in action it’s still a very enjoyable game. I’m sure many have wanted to build own Final Fantasy town and have team of heroes go off to fight enemies. It was a lot of fun. I can be very particular where everything goes. I want to make sure it looks perfect even though not sure who will be looking at it. This game needs huge expansion. More hero types, more buildings, bigger city, able to ride a chocobo off into adventures and hopefully create perfect summoner town. Everything must summon something foxlike though.

4. Fragile Dreams 2

Not the best game combat wise but it’s story and atmosphere are up there with the best. The story of Seto and his journey through the near empty world of sorrow. I was surprised that he wasn’t suffering from severe depression. He has a lot to be sad about. Losing only other living person he knew of and having to search for other people. When he finally meets someone/girl he ends up having to battle monsters and meet lots of strange errm… Never did figure out what the shop keeper was. Anyway it was a strange, sad yet hopeful game. It’s unfortunate the game will never get the sequel it deserves. We all want Seto to have happy end because current end not so sure if he did.

3. Final Fantasy VI-2

I don’t honestly think this has a chance of happening. Even so I really like the magitek armour and felt the poor thing was severely under used. Just really enjoyed this game and want to see more from the characters and the world itself. While I do like the espers and magic I think it would be great if they did a far into the future sequel featuring reincarnations of previous characters who are now magitek armour knights. Maybe not magitek armour as such but something really close to it. Maybe just after a mecha RPG. Either way I think it would be interesting game to create. Because of attention given to Final Fantasy VII it seems unlikely we will ever get to revisit the world of Final Fantasy VI.

2. Theatrhythm Macross Frontier

Theatrhythm pretty interesting take on music genre. Macross Frontier is an idol and mecha anime series. I think Theatrhythm Macross Frontier would be great. The music would be split across three modes and music split between main three characters as well. Ranka for Ranka music, Sheryl for Sheryl music and Alto for the duets. Then the modes would be Triangle (for character interactions), Mecha (for mecha battles) and Concert (to watch Ranka and Sheryl sing). Just thinking of the cute chibi Macross F character dancing it out or cute chibi mecha battling  it out… Might be too cute for some but I think it would be a lot of fun. I don’t see how this would come to be though.

1. StarFox Adventures 2

It is the hate/like game for series fans. It doesn’t but does fit in with rest of the series at the same time. It wasn’t a perfect game but it wasn’t the world’s worst either. Why do I most want this game to have a sequel then? The potential for Adventures spin-off series to Star Fox is just huge. There is a decent list of plants for the team to fully explore so it’s not like we have to revisit same planet all the time. Combat system I admit in StarFox Adventures was slightly modified Zelda one but I could easily see them put in a much more action packed system for sequel. The ability to ride around on difficult vehicles and fully explore and learn about the planet just seems to be too big of an opportunity to miss. unfortunately we will never know where spin-off series called StarFox Adventures would take us. Can only dream of potential.