Video Games – How do they know that?

When it comes to video games there are often moments where a character will say or ask for something that they should have no knowledge about. These are some that has really stuck out for me. Probably more but just can’t remember them at the moment.

Xenoblade – Colony 6 Rebuild

When rebuilding the Colony you have to locate a lot random items found throughout the game. However what most people fail to think about is how they know such items exist and where to get them. While some  May have been to that place there are a lot of items they should not know about. Even if we go by word of mouth type thing this leaves us with weird question of who told them about said items in first place. Perhaps  an even bigger mystery is the choice of items. Some of them just don’t sound like they would be all that useful in rebuilding anything. From a selection of randomly found items they build a whole row of houses. They could be trading the items but they also ask for money too. I guess we will never figure it out.

StarFox Adventures – Krystal’s Name

The biggest mystery in the game has to be how Fox knew who Krystal was during his encounter with a CloudRunner while on Dragon Rock shard. Many wonder how this could be. Meanwhile those of us who are curios and actually bothered to look at Slippy’s help (whether prompted to look or not) are asking how Slippy knew Krystal’s name. During return trip with one of the Krazoas pausing menu and going into Slippy’s help brings up a nice bit of text asking how Krystal is before you even head to Dragon Rock. This ties in with how they knew staff was Krystal’s as well. Most of the time have map on bottom screen once you brought it. However one of the alternate options is to bring up a description of said item. This wields interesting results at times. When having this mode on and your next to the staff (not holding it or in rucksack) your promptly told this is Krystal’s staff. We will never know how they got this information… Well actually someone found a text dump in the game that reveals baby CloudRunner(who was intended to be Princess Kyte) and was supposed to tell Fox. Since that never happened in-game we are left to wonder.

GuildWars Prophecies – Random Enemies

Potentially a really weird experience regarding enemies. Enemies are location-based as opposed to being story based. One of the good/bad points of this game is that you can skip to a location and find yourself at a different time within the story. Most of the time not a huge issue however during Prophecies you ally yourself with White Mantle. Prior to finding the next spot of co-op mission it’s very easy to find yourself at an outpost where just outside they attack you. Very strange occurrence specially if you aren’t aware of a plot twist that’s about to take place… Or should I say has because you skipped it.

Nameless Random NPCs

I could go on for ages about random NPCs that know or talk about stuff not yet happened. If I could be bothered to look for them all. Often these guys are ignored so it’s easy to understand why I can’t remember all of them. That and there are too many of these types to really have one that stands out. Most of them are in older RPGs as well.

Bonus – Remember already!

The opposite of knowing stuff they shouldn’t do is when you get characters no matter what is happening say the same stuff. This happens in pretty much every RPG. The town greater will always welcome you to the town no matter what happens or how long you have been in said town. It’s kinda amusing that at one point in Tales of Symphonia you can talk to people on a pilgrimage to a place that’s destroyed. I can only assume they will be staring at ruins from safe distance.


Top 10 games I would want a sequel to but probably will never get one


10. Luminous Arc 4

As strategy games go I enjoyed the games light-hearted adventures. The witches looked great too. It’s unfortunate the 3rd game and Arc Rise Fantasia didn’t get released in Europe. Even so I would like to see 4th game. More crazy and fun witches. Lots of random funny dialogue and abilities. Can always release 3 and 4 together in some sort of package for outside of Japan right?

9. Tales of Symphonia 3

Really asking for it but even so would still want another sequel to Tales of Symphonia. Even if it was just so I could play as Colette once more. Just one more time to explore world of Symphonia. Just to finally sort everything out and see the world move onto a brighter and happier tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind the monster system returning either.

8. Avalon Code 2

The world is ending so you get a book that lets you alter stuff. Make people happy, change monsters so hopefully they are weaker, change armour so you get fairy wings and weapons you can change too. All the while you prepare to create a new world with words you gathered in the book. Also a side dating system added in for good measure. Would like to play sequel with more options and maybe add-on dictionary for all the words you get.

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers 2

This game was so much fun. While not Final Fantasy or a Crystal Chronicles game makes it a hugely under rated/appreciated game I would still like to see a sequel. The ability to mess around as much as you could in this game was just so much fun. Just thinking of a larger world with more stuff to mess around with just sounds like a lot of fun. However unlikely it is to happen.

6. Muramasa Demon Blade 2

Hand drawn sprites and crazy amounts of action not to mention the adorable white foxes… Do I really need to go much deeper into why I would want a sequel for this game? I mean some of the endings could easily take us off into side games. I would like to see mixture of both characters ending 2. Seeing them become Demon Blade hunters with cute white fox companion would be fantastic. Did I mention the cute whites foxes..?

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King 2

One of the best games on Wiiware. You play as a King of a Final Fantasy town based on Crystal Chronicles series. While lacking in action it’s still a very enjoyable game. I’m sure many have wanted to build own Final Fantasy town and have team of heroes go off to fight enemies. It was a lot of fun. I can be very particular where everything goes. I want to make sure it looks perfect even though not sure who will be looking at it. This game needs huge expansion. More hero types, more buildings, bigger city, able to ride a chocobo off into adventures and hopefully create perfect summoner town. Everything must summon something foxlike though.

4. Fragile Dreams 2

Not the best game combat wise but it’s story and atmosphere are up there with the best. The story of Seto and his journey through the near empty world of sorrow. I was surprised that he wasn’t suffering from severe depression. He has a lot to be sad about. Losing only other living person he knew of and having to search for other people. When he finally meets someone/girl he ends up having to battle monsters and meet lots of strange errm… Never did figure out what the shop keeper was. Anyway it was a strange, sad yet hopeful game. It’s unfortunate the game will never get the sequel it deserves. We all want Seto to have happy end because current end not so sure if he did.

3. Final Fantasy VI-2

I don’t honestly think this has a chance of happening. Even so I really like the magitek armour and felt the poor thing was severely under used. Just really enjoyed this game and want to see more from the characters and the world itself. While I do like the espers and magic I think it would be great if they did a far into the future sequel featuring reincarnations of previous characters who are now magitek armour knights. Maybe not magitek armour as such but something really close to it. Maybe just after a mecha RPG. Either way I think it would be interesting game to create. Because of attention given to Final Fantasy VII it seems unlikely we will ever get to revisit the world of Final Fantasy VI.

2. Theatrhythm Macross Frontier

Theatrhythm pretty interesting take on music genre. Macross Frontier is an idol and mecha anime series. I think Theatrhythm Macross Frontier would be great. The music would be split across three modes and music split between main three characters as well. Ranka for Ranka music, Sheryl for Sheryl music and Alto for the duets. Then the modes would be Triangle (for character interactions), Mecha (for mecha battles) and Concert (to watch Ranka and Sheryl sing). Just thinking of the cute chibi Macross F character dancing it out or cute chibi mecha battling  it out… Might be too cute for some but I think it would be a lot of fun. I don’t see how this would come to be though.

1. StarFox Adventures 2

It is the hate/like game for series fans. It doesn’t but does fit in with rest of the series at the same time. It wasn’t a perfect game but it wasn’t the world’s worst either. Why do I most want this game to have a sequel then? The potential for Adventures spin-off series to Star Fox is just huge. There is a decent list of plants for the team to fully explore so it’s not like we have to revisit same planet all the time. Combat system I admit in StarFox Adventures was slightly modified Zelda one but I could easily see them put in a much more action packed system for sequel. The ability to ride around on difficult vehicles and fully explore and learn about the planet just seems to be too big of an opportunity to miss. unfortunately we will never know where spin-off series called StarFox Adventures would take us. Can only dream of potential.

Hiding Ported Games as Exclusives

I’ve noticed for awhile now that game companies and in particular journalists are trying to hide or at least avoid the fact some of the games released locally as exclusives to a console aren’t actually exclusive elsewhere.

Tales of Graces F is one of the best examples of this right now. I have only seen Neo Magazine actually put that it is a port of a Wii game. This may seem more like nit picking at minor details but this could in fact make a huge difference on whether people choose to buy said game or not. Several times I have seen comments from gamers who state they wouldn’t want to play a Wii games. By hiding this as a PS3 game only isn’t that unfair on those gamers?

Hiding such information could lead to annoyance later on. I have my superstitions about Okami HD is actually a port of the Wii version. The supposed “new” widescreen mode is present on Wii version. The support of PS3’s move does bring it further into question as to if it is a port.

This type of thing can only further annoy gamers when they discover the truth. Not just those that brought the game thinking it was made for that console but also gamers who would then miss out due to region locks or cost of importing games.

Tales of Graces

It’s easy for poeple to forget something they would rather ignore or perhaps never realized. As such this is one of those times I feel that way. That many have chosen to ignore or simply forget Tales of Graces F is a port of a Wii game. PS3 owners maybe feel it is a PS3 only game since Wii release is unlikely. That would be the same for us in Europe to say Tales of the Abyss is 3DS game only. Just because it hasn’t released on initial console of release doesn’t make it any less a port or remake of that game. Not about to deny Wii has had ports/remakes or older games that released on PS1 and PS2. Okami and Klonoa come to mind.

All those out there writing review of Tales of Graces F if your going to make a comment regarding how long we have been waiting or that it’s best JRPG on PS3 please keep in mind it is a port of a Wii game.


Later Ports: Love them or Hate them?

I feel like venting out my frustration regarding Later Ports. Seems to be an ongoing trend in games industry and felt need to share my thoughts on it.

If a game is in demand to be played on another console it wasn’t released on it makes sense to release on that? Well in a way yes but it doesn’t justify adding a ton of extras on top. By adding those extras in it’s insulting the people who brought the original game. There is often no way for them to access new content unless they buy the later port. The extra content also adds further insult to the game. It’s basically saying the game isn’t good enough and needs extras now. If people really wanted the game there should be no need to add extras on to it unless it is a remake.

Another side effect of later ports which isn’t nice is localizing. Those who brought a console in one country expecting the game to localize on that console it was initially released on only to be told it’s releasing on an entirely different console as an exclusive. While it won’t effect those that brought multiple consoles for those that can’t afford a ton of consoles it’s an off putting experience. Especially when company localizing the game heavily hints at possible multiplat release or even releasing game on the original console of release with added extras included.

In my view there are no gains to be had from late ports other then insulting everyone involved. Just my opinion.

Last Chance for a lot of Wii games

Since WiiU is coming out later next year I figured this might be the last chance for a lot of Wii games. Here is list of Wii games not yet localised. Probably a lot more so if anyone has any other games not listed I can always add to the list. I know some games got released in America.

Captain Rainbow

Fatal Frame 4 (2 I have heard is being remade fro Wii as well)

428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de

Rodea Sky Soldier

Taiko no Tatsujin

Tales of Graces

Rune Factory Oceans

Shiren the Wanderer

Arc Rise Fantasia

Phantom Brave

Earth Seeker


Takt of Magic


I too Want to be the Hero

Reasons I Think Tales of Graces F Should be Released on Wii

1. Less mainstream competition. Most other RPGs are not from well known long running series or spin offs.

2. Less normal RPG competition. Not many traditional RPGs out there on Wii. Most are hybrids.

3. Wii RPG Boon. Lots of Wii RPGs are coming could easily ride that wave. Buy the game alongside other RPGs.

4. Nintendo wants better third party support. Pester them to help out. Teamed up with them before with SolatoRobo.

5. Wii owners desperate for the next great game. We want more and more great games not budget stuff.

6. Namco won’t be seen as horrible teasers. Teasing Wii owners all that time about ToG for what?

7. Wii owners more accepting of stylised graphics. We are used to it and some of us even like stylised graphics.

8. Original game was Wii only. A lot of Wii owners were expecting Graces on Wii not PS3.

9. No experience is not best experience. How can say that you are giving us best experience when some only own Wii.

10. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World did just as well as Vesperia. Symphonia2 is a spin off sequel and considered lesser by many yet did just as well. Or near enough as well.